• Basic Procurement Training (MSU Employees)
    • Entry level training intended for all individuals on campus who might be spending University dollars.  This training features a broad overview of University procurement policies and procedures. 

    • Basic Procurement Training (Public)
  • Advanced Procurement Training (Coming Soon)
    • Advanced training modules are intended for any individuals on campus who perform procurement or financial functions as part of their job on campus.  It is also recommended for individuals who would like a more in-depth look at a specific topic.


  • FD 401 - Basic Procurement Training
    • This course earns credit toward the Financial Development Certificate.

      This course is helpful for employees performing departmental accounting and/or purchasing on campus or for employees wishing to develop skills and move into financial management positions at MSU.

      Topics covered:

      • Delegated authority
      • Direct buy opportunities - Term Contracts
      • Exempt from procurement procedures
      • Procurement encumbrances
      • Purchases under $5,000, between $5000.01 and $25,000, and over $25,000
      • Sole Source/Brand Name Justifications
      • Total contract value

 State of Montana

  • State Procurement Training
    • Each year, the State Procurement Bureau offers procurement related training in Helena.  These classes are ideal for new employees working in the area of procurement in your department. Fees do apply for some classes.