Follow the instructions below to set up the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client on your Android device.  



On your device: 

  1. Go to the app store on your Android device and download Cisco Secure Client for Android.
  2. Tap Accept to agree to End User License Agreement.
  3. Tap OK when prompted with Acceptable Use Policy for data connection...

Cisco Secure Client in the Google Play store


  1. Tap Connections > Add New VPN Connection.
  2. Tap Description > enter MSU VPN (or other name for the connection).
  3. Tap Server Address > enter
  4. Tap Done.
Secure Client main page

Secure Client connections page

Secure Client add VPN page

Optional: If interested in information on setting Advanced Preferences visit Android User Guide for Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, Release 4.0.x.


  1. Tap Secure Client app to open.
  2. Tap Connection > MSU VPN.
  3. Choose Group (MSU-Employee-VPN or whatever is appropriate for your role at MSU)
  4. Enter your NetID and NetID password
  5. Tap Connect.

Secure Client log in page