To provide a secure computing environment at MSU and ensure that all patches are applied to university-owned computers on a regular schedule, all university-owned computers will be restarted weekly, between 10 PM Wednesday night and 3 AM Thursday morning.   For more information, please see the Computer Vulnerability Management practice document.

Exemption Request Form

orange triangle pointing to the right.Complete this form to have a computer you manage be exempted from the next weekly scheduled computer restart.

  • Exemption requests must be received before 3 PM on Tuesday prior to the next scheduled patch.  
  • All questions marked with a A red asterisk meaning this field is required are required. 

To remove an existing exemption - please contact the UIT Service Desk at [email protected].

Contact UIT Service Desk if an emergency exemption is needed.


Contact Information
Computer Name

How to find your Computer/Host name & MAC/Physical address

Apple-Mac Users  | Windows Users
Restart Exempt Date

The restart period takes place each week from Wednesday at 10 PM through 3 AM Thursday, however for date purposes, Thursday is used to represent the restart period.

To request exemptions beyond the next weekly scheduled patch, please contact the UIT Service Desk at 994-1777 or [email protected]. Requests will be evaluated by your manager and UIT.


You are too late to opt out of this week's restart. The Restart period you are scheduling to be exempt from will occur NEXT Thursday.

If this is an emergency and you need to be exempted from this week's restart, please contact the UIT Service Desk at 994-1777