What is WebDrive?

Webdrive is software that connects to WebDAV and SFTP Servers such as Knox and Banner's Linux System. This allows users to access files through a simple interface that is similar to using your Windows or Mac device.

MSU Bozeman has a site license agreement that allows WebDrive to be installed and used while on campus on any Windows or Mac computer. 

Off campus users may purchase individual licenses from WebDrive.com 

Please note: WebDrive is no longer needed to access Knox folders. For more information on Knox please visit the Knox Secure File Storage page and for instructions on connecting visit the Knox FAQ

Who should use WebDrive?

 MSU Bozeman has a site wide license to WebDrive, so the program is usable by anyone! You should install and use WebDrive if:

  • you need an interface to access or work with a system or program with which you are unfamiliar (for example, to access and use a Linux system if you do not usually use Linux)
  • you are unable to connect to shared drives and need an interface to assist in the network connection

If you have questions on whether you should install and use WebDrive please contact the IT Service Desk at 994-1777 or [email protected].

Installation Instructions

1. Download WebDrive by clicking the link below for your version of Windows OS.



2. Run the downloaded program.

Right-click on the downloaded file and select Run as administrator. The install program must be run as administrator.

The Install Shield Wizard will start.

3. Accept the License Agreement.

Use the default Destination Folder as shown.

4. Click Install to begin the installation.

5. Click Finish when the install process has completed. It will take several minutes.

Webdrive is now installed.

6. Run the program from the Windows Start Menu.

7. Click Activate License.

8. Enter the WebDrive License Key.

The Webdrive License Key can be found at https://knox.montana.edu/webdrive/webdrive.html

NOTE: You will be prompted for your NetID/password. Enter NetID in format MSU\netid 

9. IMPORTANT: Before using WebDrive change Cache Settings to Multi-User.

  • Go to File -> Program Settings -> Options.
  • Select the Multi-User option and click OK.

1. Access and copy/write down the WebDrive Registration Code at

NOTE: You will be prompted for your NetID/password. Enter NetID in format MSU\netid

2. Download WebDrive by visiting:


  • Browse to WebDrive.dmg (downloaded file) and click to open
  • Click WebDrive.pkg icon to open WebDrive installer.

3. Step through the WebDrive Installer - You will need your Mac password.

4. Go to Applications folder and click on WebDrive.app to open.

If MacFUSE is not already installed you will be prompted to install it.

5. Step through MacFUSE Installer – again you will need your Mac password

6. Register WebDrive

  • Click the Enter Registration Code button (from step 1)
  • Paste the code copied in step 1 and click Activate button.