Retiree privileges

All MSU faculty retirees may request to retain their MSU email account.

To retain MSU email account:

  1. Prior to last day at MSU, faculty retirees must notify their department of their wish to continue using email account.
  2. Department must email the UIT Service Desk at [email protected] to request the email account remain enabled and include the following info about the retiree:
    • Name
    • NetID
    • Faculty - retired (

To access MSU email:

  • O365 email can be accessed through Outlook Web Access or a mail client of the user's choice.
    MSU does not provide Outlook or other email software to MSU retirees (except for those with Emeritus status).  

IMPORTANT: Any email account left inactive for 2 years will be automatically closed.


Emeritus privileges

Faculty are granted Emeritus status by the Board of Regents via formal action under Policy 702.7.

  • Faculty with Emeritus status have the privilege to access/use all MSU IT software and services in perpetuity. 
  • UIT will activate these services upon receiving notification of approval from OCHE/MUS Board of Regents (BoR).

Prior to official approval, faculty waiting for emeritus status will only be able to access their email if they had requested to retain it prior to their retirement (see To retain MSU email account, above).