HPC logo with datacenter background

High performance computing (HPC) allows large computational workloads to be completed in a fraction of the time that would otherwise be required and can enable new tools for research. The following HPC systems are available to the MSU research community and supported by RCI. 

Name Description Availability 
Tempest MSU's next-generation HPC cluster with support for CPU and GPU computing Buy-in model
Snowcrest MSU's research server and workstaiton hosting platform for workloads that are not well suited to traditional HPC Buy-in hosting model
Hyalite MSU's first HPC cluster with support for small-medium CPU workloads  Free for MSU research
Nautilus Shared GPU cluster - contact RCI for access.  Free trial access for MSU research
XSEDE National program allowing researchers to request resource allocations on many US supercomputers Proposal model