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RCI offers guidance and support for many research data storage, transfer, and sharing services. For consultation on research data workflow, contact [email protected]

Research Data Storage, Transfer, and Sharing Services
Service Description Cost
SharePoint  SharePoint document libraries offer a secure and reliable location for storing and sharing small to medium datasets and collaborative documents.  Free
Blackmore Storage Blackmore offers a high-performance, reliable, backed-up location for storing medium to large active to semi-active datasets. Free up to 25TB, $30/TB/year or
$150/TB/5-years over 25TB
OURRstore OURRstore offers a long-term archival storage location for medium to large unrestricted datasets that are rarely accessed.  $20/TB/8-years
Dryad Dryad and other data publication repositories offer a reliable location for storage of published data. Free
Controlled data storage The Office of Research Compliance provides guidance for the storage of controlled data.  Varies
Globus Globus offers a reliable high performance platform for transferring and sharing medium to large datasets. Free