Picture of Snowcrest mountain range


Snowcrest is a high availability virtualized research server and workstation hosting environment. On Snowcrest, customized systems can be quickly configured with the desired CPU, GPU, memory, and storage resources and can run Windows or Linux operating systems. Snowcrest is designed to host research databases, interactive graphical applications, license servers, web applications, remote access workstations, and other research workloads that are not well suited to traditional HPC platforms. 

Who can use Snowcrest? 

Snowcrest is available to MSU researchers via a cloud-style paid hosting model. Rates are detailed below and come in at a fraction the cost of commercial cloud platforms.  The Snowcrest service can be billed annually or up-front for a multiyear term (up to 5 years).  To learn more or request a system on Snowcrest, please email [email protected].

Snowcrest Service Rates
Component           Annual Cost
Base $165.00/system
CPU $5.03/core
Memory $2.21/GB
Storage with backup $0.16/GB
GPU (Nvidia A40) $33.56/GB
Fully managed service $495.00/service