To submit a job to the cluster on Tempest Web, you can use the Job Composer tool.

To get started, follow the instructions below.

Job Composer on Tempest  Web

Tempest web login

  • Select the "Job Composer" option from the Jobs dropdown menu in the top menu bar.

select job composer

  • Select "New Job" > "From Default Template"

new job from default template

  • Open your job sbatch script in the Job Editor
    1. Select your job in the left menu
    2. Select "Open Editor" at the bottom of the Job Details right sidebar

open job editor

  • Edit the sbatch script to specify the resources, modules, and software commands you'd like to run
    1. Specify the account**, partition**, CPUs, memory, and time to allocate on the cluster for you job
    2. Specify the name of the job, names for log files, and email for job status updates. Make these simple and clear.
    3. Specify any additional resources necessary (e.g. number of GPUs needed if running a GPU workload, or number of nodes needed if running a multi-node job)
    4. All module loading and programmatic commands should be written out below the #SBATCH lines. These will be executed on the node allocated by Slurm.
    5. Save your job script

**Note: Account and partition must match. If running on priority partition, must be using priority-<account-name>. If running under unsafe partition, must be using group-<account-name>.

job editor

  • Submit your job to the cluser
    1. Select your newly edited job
    2. Click the green "Submit" button

submit job