Logging in

  • To access a web-based Jupyter environment running on Tempest, follow the instructions below:

Tempest web login

Starting a Jupyter session 

  • Select Interactive Apps > Jupyter on Tempest from the top menu

select jupyter notebook from interactive apps

  • Allocate the appropriate resources for your Jupyter session
    1. Select the appropriate account.
      • For unsafe sessions, select "group-<group_name>"
      • For priority sessions, select "priority-<group_name>"
    2. Select the appropriate partition.
      • For unsafe sessions, select "unsafe"
      • For priority sessions, select "priority"
      • Note: Account and partition must match. Unsafe sessions must run on the unsafe partition, and priority jobs must run on the priority partition.
    3. Allocate compute resources
      • Note: Smaller resource requests will generally launch faster
    4. Launch the interactive Jupyter session

select resources

  • Once your session has launched, enter the session by clicking "Connect to Jupyter:

jupyter session initiated

connect to jupyter

  • You are now in an interactive Jupyter notebook. Your display should look like this:

jupyter notebook

  • Before your session expires, be sure to save it:

save jupyter notebook

Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.