Logging in

  • To access a web-based RStudio environment running on Tempest, follow the instructions below:

Tempest web login

Starting an RStudio Session

  • Open the RStudio initialization page
    1. Select the "Interactive Apps" Dropdown menu from the the top bar
    2. Select from the dropdown "RStudio on Tempest"

Select RStudio on Tempest

  • Select the resources and account to run your RStudio session
    1. Select the account and partition
      • Note: Your partition must match your account.
        • E.g. if using priority-<account_name> account, you must specificy the "priority" partition.
        • If using group-<account_name> account, you must specify the "unsafe" partition
    2. Select the compute resources you will need for your session
      • Note: Fewer resources will fit into the queue faster and your session will be more likely to start immediately. Use the bare minimum resources necessary.
        • E.g. For a simple rscript to process a dataframe < 1 GB in size, 8 CPUs and 2 GB of memory is plenty
    3. Select the number of hours you will need for your session
      • Note: you can save scripts and re-open them in different sessions, but session data will not be saved. Be sure to save all final results as output files.
    4. Launch your RStudio session

Select RStudio resources

  • Connect to your RStudio Server session
    • Once resources are available on the cluster for your session, it will automatically start. To enter the session click "Connect to Rstudio Server"

Rstudio session starting

Connect to RStudio Server

  • Open a new Rscript and begin using RStudio

open new Rscript

Note: The default RStudio will not allow a user  to install packages. If you require additional packages beyond the available packages, please see instructions for how to install and manage custom R environments.