Use the following guide to troubleshoot common telephone problems. Click a problem to view troubleshooting steps. If you are unable to solve the problem after troubleshooting, follow the Report a problem instructions at the bottom of the page.

Phone Problems

  1. Phone has no dial tone
  2. Busy signal when I pick up phone
  3. Caller can't hear me
  4. Can't dial out using the keypad
  5. Can't hear the caller
  6. Feature keys aren't working
  7. Can't make an international call
  8. Phone reception cuts in and out
  9. Moved my phone and now it doesn't work
  10. Display is not working
  11. Can't make a conference call


A NOTE ON COST: There is no charge for wiring repairs on non-user caused problems however for problems caused by the user (such as hub installed, jacks damaged, etc) there may be a charge for parts and labor.  

Report a problem

If you are unable to solve the problem contact UIT at at 994-1777 or [email protected] and include the following information:

  1. Extension number of phone with problem
  2. Contact name and extension
  3. Department, building, and room number of telephone
  4. Description of problem