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At MSU, we believe that academic advising is a critical component of a student's University experience. Advising teaches students how to navigate their academic journey and take ownership of their college experience. Academic advisors are guides, mentors, and educators who encourage personal development and lifelong learning, and who share information about curricula, resources, and engagement opportunities. Students who engage in the advising process regularly will benefit from the guidance and support of their advisor. 

Advising for New Students

New students coming to MSU are often not sure about what they are interested in learning and are overwhelmed by the choices facing them. Many who choose a major at the beginning of their freshman year change it at least once before they graduate. 

AAC Advisors assist students in exploring their interests and strengths that best fit their personal, educational, and career goals. Students can meet with an Academic Advisor as many times as they would like to determine their best path forward at MSU.

Advising for Students-in-Transition

What about students who start out in one major and later decide they want to change?  Advisors in the AAC will ease the transition by helping them plan a course of study that is a better fit for them individually, and will assist them in integrating the courses they have already taken into a new major.

Students transferring to MSU from other institutions can also meet with AAC advisors to ask initial questions about courses and programs at MSU. Although the AAC does not make decisions on transfer equivalencies, advisors are knowledgeable about departmental programs of study and are skilled at assisting transfer students in making the transition to a new major.      

Advising and College Success

Education theorist Richard Light maintains that "Good advising may be the single most underestimated characteristic of a successful college experience."  An advisor who can guide the new or transitioning student through the many questions and decisions of academic life is often a key factor for a student's success in college. 

AAC advisors can help students who are in any of the following situations, regardless of their major:       

  • exploring major options
  • transitioning between majors
  • completing CORE 2.0 requirements
  • planning a course schedule for a future semester
  • transferring to or from other institutions
  • interested in majors not offered at MSU
  • experiencing limited access to departmental advising
  • conditionally admitted to MSU
  • seeking admission to competitive degree programs
  • interested in programs for academic enhancement or support
  • enrolled in University Studies

How to Get Advising Assistance at the AAC

Many advising needs are met through drop-in advising; for more extensive sessions, appointments are also available.  Call 994-3532, or come to the Academic Advising Center office, 130 Gaines Hall. Advisors are available 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, every day the University is open for business. The Academic Advising Center is closed on Tuesdays from 8:30-9:30 for a staff meeting.