The Pre-Law Advisor serves all current students and graduates of Montana State University.  You are encouraged to explore all of the information on this page and associated pages.  You may find much of what you are looking for.  


Students are also encouraged to visit with Pre-Law Advisor, Sara Callow.  You can book an appointment for a consultation using the calendly link or email Professor Callow at [email protected] to set up a time. 


Pre-Law Advising:

  • helps students investigate and evaluate their interest in law school. 
  • provides one-on-one advising to students in the law school application process.  Including, assistance with
    • Determining appropriate degree option
    • School selections
    • Personal Statements
    • Resumes
    • LSAT preparation and test scheduling
    • Evaluating acceptance offers

Please book an appointment using the calendly link, email  [email protected], or call (406) 994-3532 for more information.


Optional Pre-Law Course Credits:

Students interested in pursuing a career in legal studies may wish to take advantage of any of the following curriculum offerings:

  • US 140 Introduction to Law and the Legal Profession (1 credit): This course is an introduction to the study of law and an overview of the legal profession and is typically taken in students first or second year of studies. Topics include the components and sources of the American legal system, the process through which court systems operate, judicial opinions and career options related to law.  
  • US 340 Legal Educations and Careers (1 credit): This course is an exploration of legal education and careers in the United States with a particular focus on legal careers in a democratic society, ethics of the legal profession, the different legal credentials available, and their associated career outcomes.  It is a appropriate for students in their third or fourth year of study who are actively considering an application to a graduate degree program in legal studies (JD, Paralegal, or MS).  Students will evaluate the appropriate credentials for their desired career and develop a clear understanding of the application process and materials required to apply to paralegal, JD and Master of Legal Studies programs. This course does not cover the US (University Seminar) CORE requirement.
  • US 498 Legal Internship for Credit (1-3 credits):  This opportunity, available by application only, allows students to earn 1-3 credits while interning with one of our industry partners in the legal field.  Applications are competitive.  Students should contact the Pre-Law Advisor for more information.