Top of building with statuesWhen should I go to law school?

Some students choose to go directly from their undergraduate studies into law school. Many students take a year or more off after college to gain work or volunteer experience. Taking time off is also a good way to re-energize before embarking upon the three rigorous and challenging years of law school. It also has the potential to enhance your application and make your resume more interesting.

Where should I apply to law school?

There are over 200 ABA accredited law schools in the United States. To narrow down your choices, you should ask yourself several questions.

  • What are my career objectives?
  • Where do I plan to live and to practice law?
  • What kind of law am I interested in practicing?
  • What type of career do I want?
  • What kind of learning environment do I want?
  • What are the typical test scores/GPA of successful applicants?
  • How much will it cost? Can I afford it?

Visit for a list of ABA approved law schools. provides links to law school websites at