View the PDF for the 100/200 Math and Science - - Prerequisite Information

Montana State University - Spring 2017

Program  Course Number Course Name Credits Prerequisites
Biology BIOB 100IN

Organism Function



Biology BIOB 105CS

Intro to Biotechnology

3 None
Biology BIOB 110CS Intro to Plant Biology 3 None
Biology BIOB 160 Principles of Living Sytems (+lab)  4 CHMY 121IN or CHMY 141
 Biology BIOB 170IN Principles of Biological Diversity (+lab)  4 None
 Biology BOIB 260 Cell and Molecular Biology 4 CHMY 141 or 151 and STAT 216 or M 171 or 181; Co-req: CHMY 143 or 153
Biology BIOE 103CS Environmental Science & Society  3 None
 Biology BIOH 185 Integrated Physiology I (+lab)  4 Co-Req: CHMY 141 or 151 and Math Level 4 or 5
 Biology BIOH 201 Anatomy & Physiology I  5 CHMY 121IN, 141 or 151
 Biology BIOH 211 Anatomy & Physiology II  4  BIOH 201 or BIOB260 and CHMY121IN, 141 or 151
 Biology BIOM 103IN Unseen Universe: Microbes (+lab)  3 None
 Biology BIOM 250 Micro/Health Sci: Infectious Diseases

 3 None
 Biology BIOO 262IN Intro to Entomology (+lab)  3 BIOB 100 or BIOB 170
 Chemistry CHMY 121IN Intro to General Chemistry (+lab)  4  At Math Level 3 
 Chemistry CHMY 123 Intro to Organic & Biochem (+lab)  4  CHMY 121IN or 141 or 151
 Chemistry CHMY 141 College Chemistry I (+lab)  4 At Math Level 4 or C- or above in M121Q (other level 3 math do not qualify)
 Chemistry CHMY 143 College Chemistry II (+lab)  4

Successful completion of CHMY 141 or 151 

 Chemistry CHMY 151 Honors College Chemistry I (+lab)  4 At Math Level 4 & Honors/Chem major 
Chemistry CHMY 211 Elements of Organic Chemistry  5  Successful completion of CHMY 121IN or 143 or 153
Chemistry BCH 380  Biochemistry  4  C- or above in CHMY 211 or 323 or 333 AND C- or above in ANY college level Biology course
ERTH SCI  ERTH 101IN Earth System Science (+lab)  4 None
ERTH SCI  ERTH 102CS Topics in Earth Science  1 None
ERTH SCI  ERTH 201IN Honors Earth System Science (+lab)  4 Honors Program
ERTH SCI   GEO103CS Environmental Geology (+lab)  4 None
 ERTH SCI    GEO 105IN Oceanography  3 None
  ERTH SCI  GEO 111IN Dinosaurs (+ lab) 3 None
 ERTH SCI  GEO 140IN Planetary Geology  3 None
 GEO 208IN Earth Materials (+lab) 3 ERTH 101
GEO 211 Earth History & Evolution 3 ERTH 101
PHYSICS ASTR 110IN Intro to Astronomy: Mysteries of the Sky 3 None
PHYSICS PHSX 103IN Our Physical World 3 High School Algebra
PHYSICS  PHSX 201IN Physics by Inquiry 3 Education majors only
PHYSICS PHSX 205 College Physics I (+lab)  4 At Math Level 4
 PHYSICS PHSX 220 Physics with Calculus I (+lab)

Co-req: M171Q or 181Q 

 PHYSICS PHSX 240 Honors Gen & Modern Physics I  4  Co-req: M171Q or 181Q & Honors Program
 PHYSICS PHSX 253 Physics of Photography 2 High School Algebra
 PHYSICS PHSX 305RN Art & Science of Holography (+lab) 3 At Math Level 4
MATH M 121Q College Algebra 3

At Math Level 3H

MATH  M 132 Num & Operations K-8 Teachers 3 At Math Level 3H
 MATH M 151Q  Pre-Calculus 4 At Math Level 4
 MATH M 161Q Survey of Calculus 4 At Math Level 4 
 MATH M 165Q Calculus for Technology I 3 At Math Level 4 
MATH  M 166Q Calculus for Technology II C- or above in M165
 MATH M 171Q Calculus I 4 At Math Level 5 or C- or above in M151
 MATH M 172Q Calculus II 4 M 171Q or M181Q
MATH M 181Q Honors Calculus I 4 At Math Level 5 & Honors Program
 MATH M 182Q Honors Calculus II 4 C- or above in M181 & Honors Program
MATH M 221 Introduction to Linear Algebra 3 M 172Q or M 166Q or M 182Q
MATH M 273Q Multivariable Calculus 4 M 172Q or M 182Q
MATH M 274 Introduction to Differential Equations 4 M 172Q or M 182Q
STAT STAT 216Q Introduction to Statistics 3 Math Level 3H
STAT  STAT 217Q Intermediate Statistical Concepts
3 C- or above in STAT 216