MSU Advisor's Guide for

AFROTC Form 48


What's it about?

The Form 48 is used by Air Force ROTC to track the academic plan of each member of the program. It's used to see when a student will graduate (which is vital for determining his/her date of commissioning into the Air Force as an officer) and (just as importantly) to help the student plan a realistic and practical course of study at MSU.

What do I need to do?

As an academic advisor, you play an important role in helping students plan their studies so that they can graduate from MSU. As the Form 48 is a document of that academic plan, we hope that you will help the student fill out the form and then sign it in specific places and at certain times.

What does my signature mean?

By signing the Form 48, all you are doing is verifying that you have gone over the form with the student. This shows us that the student is communicating with you and seeking your advice regarding his or her academic program.

Are there things I should look for?

Yes! We hope that you'll look at the Form 48 to make sure that the classes a student selects (or that you help him or her select) will progress directly to the degree listed in Block 3 of the form, and that the course of study will allow the student to graduate on the date listed in Block 5. Air Force ROTC does require all scholarship students to take at least 12 credits each regular semester they're in school (with the exception of their final semester), but reviewers in our office will be looking for that. What we can't determine is if the plan allows the student to meet all his or her degree requirements. We ask for your help in doing that.

Where should I sign the Form 48? And when?

 When you first go over the Form 48, the only place you'll need to sign is Block 4 in the first section of the form (it's highlighted in our sample copy attached to this sheet). In following semesters, we ask that you only sign in the block for the semester the student just completed (for example, if a student brings you a Form 48 in Spring Semester, you'd only sign off on the previous Fall Semester). All this does is indicate to us that student has met with you and gone over the Form 48 again to make sure that there are no needed changes or adjustments. The advisor signature area is also highlighted on the attached example.

What if I have more questions?

PLEASE feel free to call us at x4022 if you have ANY questions about the Form 48 or this process.

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