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Core 2.0

The mission of Core 2.0 is to enhance students' use of multiple perspectives in making informed creitical and ethical judgments in their personal, public and professional lives. 

Foundation Courses: 

Students learn to think, speak and write effectivelyevaluate the oral and written expression of others; and use complex knowledge in making decisions and judgments. 

Inquiry Courses: 

Students are introduced to the methods used to discover and create the factual and theoretical knowledge of the discipline. 

Research Course:

Students experience the process of research or creative activity as a unique intellectual practice leading to a scholarly or artistic product. 

Core 2.0 Worksheet
Foundation Courses Course Number
University Seminar (US) (at least 3 credits)  
College Writing* (W) (at least 3 credits)  
Quantitative Reasoning (Q) (at least 3 credits)  
Diversity (D) (at least 3 credits)  
Contemporary Issues in Science (CS) (at least 3 credits)  
Ways of Knowing: Inquiry and Research & Creative Experience  Course Number
Arts (IA or RA) (at least 3 credits)  
Humanities (IH or RH) (at least 3 credits)  
Social Sciences (IS or RS) (at least 3 credits)  
Natural Science (IN or RN) (at least 3 credits)  
Research & Creative Experience (R, RA, RH, RN, or RS) (at least 3 credits) Courses designated RA, RH, RN, or RS count as two Core 2.0 requirements. For example, a course designated as RA will satisfy both the Inquiry Arts and the Research & Creative Experience Core 2.0 requirements.  

1.A grade of C- or better is required in all Core 2.0 courses. 
2.Completion of at least two of the following courses with a grade of C- or better satisfies both the Contemporary Issues in Science and the Inquiry Natural Science requirements:  BIOB 105 or 110 or 160 or 170 or 256, 258 or 260; BIOH 201 or 211; BIOM 210 or 250; BIOO 220; CHMY 121 or 123 or 141 or 143 or 151 or 153 or 211; ERTH 101 or 201; ENSC 245; GEO 103 or 211 or 302; NRSM 240; PHSX 205 or 207 or 220 or 222 or 224 or 240 or 242. Individual substitutions for one requirement or the other are not permitted. 
4.Total number of credits: If the Research and Creative Experience requirement is completed as part of the requirements in Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences or Social Sciences, 27 credits; otherwise, 30 credits. 

*Students with an ACT score (taken after Aug 2016) of 11 on the Writing Subject Score or 28 on the English Score are exempt from WRIT 101. If ACT was taken 9/2015-8/2016, a score of 34 on the Writing Subject Score is exempt. An SAT score of 38 on the Writing Subject Score or 750 on the Evidence-based reading/writing score is exempt. If SAT was taken before March 2016, a score of 750 on the writing portion is exempt. Please refer to your academic advisor to determine if you should take an additional writing course.