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Majors are listed by the math placement level necessary to begin all major courses without taking additional math prerequisites. Students with placement scores below those identified here can still pursue these majors. Students can take prerequisite coursework to ensure that the student has the necessary math skills for their area of study. Students with a placement at or above the noted placement level for their major do not need to take math courses beyond waht is required for the major. Students with questions should contact their academic advisor or the Academic Advising Center (406) 994-3532.

Level 500

  • These majors require at least one of the following courses, all of which require Level 5 Placement: M 171Q , M 165Q, PHSX 220, PHSX 240, EMEC 103 (for ME), EELE 101

Biological Engineering
Cell Biology & Neuroscience
Chemical Engineering
Chemistry: Professional
Civil Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science: All options
Construction Engineering Tech
Earth Sciences: Geology
Earth Sciences: Paleontology
Earth Sciences: Snow Science
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering 
Financial Engineering
Industrial & Mgmt Systems Engineering
Mathematics: All Options
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Tech.
Physics: All Options

Level 400

  • These majors require at least one of the following courses, all of which require Level 4 placement: ACTG 201, BMIS 211, CHMY 141, CSCI 127, EBIO 101, ECM 100, EMEC 103, PHL 236Q, PHSX 205

Ag Business: Agribusiness Mgmt
Ag Business: Farm & Ranch Mgmt
Animal Science: Science
Architecture/Environmental Design
Biological Sci: Conservation Bio
Biological Sci: Fish Wildlife Mgmt
Biological Sciences: Organismal Bio
Biological Sciences: Teaching
Biotechnology: All Options
Business: All Options
Cell Biology & Neuroscience
Chemistry: Biochemistry
Chemistry: Teaching
Earth Sci: GIS & Planning Analysis
Environmental Sci: All Options
Food & Nutrition: Nutrition Science
Hlth, Human Performance: Exercise Sci
Hlth, Human Performance: Kinesiology
Microbiology: All Options
Philosophy: All Options
Plant Science: Biotechnology
Plant Science: Plant Biology
Pre-Med Intake
Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Secondary Ed: Gen Sci Broadfield
Technology Education: All Options


Level 250-300

  • These majors require at least one of the following courses, all of which require Level 3 placement: CHMY 121IN, ECNS 101IS, ENSC 245IN, M 121Q, M 132, STAT 216Q

Agriculutural Education: All Options
Animal Science: Equine Science
Animal Sci: Livestock Mgmt. & Industry
Early Childhood ED, P-3 (M 132)
Earth Sciences: Geography
Elementary Education (M 132)
Environmental Horticulture: All Options
Food & Nutrition: Dietetics
Hospitality Management: All Options
Liberal Studies: Environmental Studies
Nat Resource Rangeland Eco: All Options
Plant Science: Crop Science
Photonics and Laser Tech (Gallatin College)
Sociology: All Options

Level 290 - M 105Q ONLY

  • Unless noted, these majors accept any Q Core class. Most students take M 105Q.

American Studies
Art: All Options
Asian Studies
Associate of Arts (Gallatin College)
Associate of Science (Gallatin College)
Aviation (Gallatin College)
BFA: Integrated Lens-Based Media 
Community Health
Early Child Ed & Child Services: Child Dev
English: All Options
Health Enhancement K-12 Teaching
History: All Options
Human Dev & Family Sci: All Options
Lib Studies: Global & Multicultural
Liberal Studies: Quaternity (both options)
Mod Lang & Lit: French K-12 Teaching
Mod Lang & Lit: German K-12 Teaching
Mod Lang & Lit: German Studies
Mod Lang & Lit: Hispanic Studies
Mod Lang Lit: Latin Amer, Latino Studies
Mod Lang & Lit: Spanish K-12 Teach
Music: All Options
Political Science
Secondary Ed:Social Studies Broadfield

 Students should confirm the math course(s) required for their degree in the MSU Catalog or in their DegreeWorks profile. Please be sure to talk to your academic advisor about any questions you have. Students can also contact the Academic Advising Center at 406-994-3532.

Please note that most Gallatin College programs do not requie a particular placement level. Only the programs listed have specific math placement requirements.