Academic advising is a process whereby the student and advisor work together to plan for the student's success.Therefore, careful consideration should take place in helping the student in feeling welcomed and that the advisor truly cares about them.

Some questions which may assist in this process are:

  • How are you doing in your major? Does it feel like a good fit?
  • How is your semester going?
  • Which classes did you like the most last semester? The worst?
  • What kind of careers can you see yourself doing with your degree?
  • Have there been any particular difficulties you have encountered?
  • What courses have you been thinking about for next semester?
  • Are there any special situations that we need to consider in planning your educational program? For example, do you have a job? Are you responsible for your family? Do you have a disability? Do you have military obligations?
  • Have you thought about ways to add value to your degree through a minor, study abroad, internships, or national student exchange?
  • Are you aware of the resources available to you? (tutoring, counseling, career planning, study abroad, honors)
  • What questions do you have for me?