Pre-University Studies was created to ensure the success of students who have not met the minimum requirements (GPA, HS class placement, and/or ACT/SAT test score requirements) for admission to Montana State University.

Pre-University Studies students have the opportunity to build a stronger foundation in the areas of Math and Writing early in their college careers through Gallatin College’s Developmental Education Program. Your skills will be strengthened in Math and Writing and the program will improve your chance for success in future coursework at MSU. You will also have a dedicated Advisor who will maintain high contact levels with you in order to help you use your strengths to be successful.

Students will have the opportunity to enroll in Math classes (M 065/085 and 096/097) as a pre-requisite for MSU Core-level math and/or Writing courses (WRIT 080 and 095) as additional preparation prior to enrolling in College Writing I. The Developmental Education Program also offers a First Year Seminar (COLS 101US), a Core 2.0 freshman seminar which is similar to the University Studies First Year Seminar (US 101US), and Effective Academic Practices (COLS 100), a course focusing on time management, test taking strategies, and other essential academic skills.

If your final high school GPA and/or scores change before you attend classes as a Pre-University Studies student, your admission status at MSU may change. Please contact your Admissions evaluator (406-994-2452) as soon as you know your new scores.

You will meet with the Pre-University Studies academic advisor during MSU Orientation. Your advising session will guide you into appropriate choices based on your individual placement scores and interests. Registration for courses is completed during orientation using MyInfo. Developmental courses are listed with MSU courses in the online MSU class schedule. A typical schedule for pre-US students will include Math, Writing, COLS 100 or 101, and 2 electives/Core 2.0 classes. Your advisor will help you choose an appropriate course-load.

During your first semester, you may enroll in a maximum of 14 credits by taking a combination of courses through MSU and the Developmental Education Program in Gallatin College. Of those classes, you may register for a maximum of seven (7) MSU credits (generally, these are classes that are listed as 100 level or above – not including COLS 100).

After you attain a 2.0 GPA your first semester, you will be considered a regular full-time student. A Pre-University Studies student may change their major (transition out of pre-US) once they have achieved a cumulative 2.0 GPA and successfully completed seven (7) 100-level MSU credits (not including those earned in COLS 100).

You are an MSU student who will be taking some classes offered by MSU and some offered by Gallatin College’s Developmental Education Program.

Note that Gallatin College is still part of MSU in much the same way as the College of Letters & Science, the College of Engineering, and the College of Agriculture, so while you may take courses that are taught by Gallatin College faculty, this does not mean you are a Gallatin College student. If you have any further questions, please speak with your advisor: Sheila Gilbertson.

No – your MSU transcript will include your courses taught through the Developmental Education Program.
Yes, if you take a minimum of 6 total credits you may apply for and receive financial aid. If you have a combined total of 12 credits or more through MSU’s Developmental Education Program and other MSU courses, you will be considered a full-time student for financial aid purposes.
No. All of your tuition and fees for both the Developmental Education Program and other MSU classes will be on one bill. You may view and pay your bill by entering the secure site from MyInfo.
 Yes. You will get your MSU Cat Card student ID at the Cat Card office in the Hedges Complex under Miller Dining Commons.
 For questions regarding your admission status, course registration, or any other pre-US related questions, contact your advisor:

Sheila Gilberston
Academic Advisor for Pre-University Studies and Developmental Education

MSU and GC students may set up an appointment with Sheila. Follow this link to her appointment scheduler.