If you're having trouble with your website, the CMS, COPE or something related to Web & Digital Communications, here are the steps you should follow for a quick resolution.

1. Search the Help Center

Our Help Center has over 1000 articles written by our MSU web support staff and have information on solving many of the issues you may have.

2. Submit a Web Support Ticket

If you can't find an answer in our Help Center or you already know you'll need the help of one of our support staff or software engineers, you can send in your web support request through our ticketing system.

3. Come to Open Support

If you need in-person assistance, want to talk to a member of the Web & Digital Communications team, or just need some popcorn, drop by one of our Open Support Sessions! We hold these in our new location: the Nopper Building 920 in the 2nd floor lounge. Grab a couch spot, pull up a chair and we'll help you through any questions you might have.

Computer? We have a few PC laptops on hand, but be welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Open Support Schedule