We currently offer online, on-demand training for most of our subjects. Learn more about each of our courses below, take a live class, or sign up for one of live sessions.

Live sessions are only offered once per term during the school year for our Basic MSU Web Editing (CMS 110) course. The rest are only offered online, but if you need further assistance you are welcome to drop-in during Open Support sessions in our office each week.

To gain access to edit your MSU website in our Content Management System (CMS), you will need to take the CMS 110 and CMS 115 training courses listed below, starting with CMS 110.  

Current Training Courses

cms 110 cover

Basic MSU Web Editing (CMS 110) - Required

cms 115 cover

Creating Accessible MSU Web Content (CMS 115) Required

cms 120 cover

Advanced MSU Website Building (CMS 120)

cms 130 cover

Building Web Forms (CMS 130)

Live Training Sessions Calendar


Further training resources provided by MSU

As staff, faculty or student of MSU, we are provided further resources for education. Check out a few of which we in Web and Digital take advantage.


The library provides all with a NetID and password access to the full library of Lynda training videos which are sooooo good. We recommend this highly. Login to lynda.com with your NetID credentials and try a course.

Safari Books Online

The library also provides Safari Tech Books from the last 3 years. Before you buy youself a coding book, or any technical manual that Safari might have published, pop over to the Safari resource and see if you can read it online.