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Web & Digital Communications offers this entry level course as an introduction to the Web Content Management System (CMS). The two-hour session covers day-to-day tasks such as how to edit web content and how to create new web content. This training is required  for all website content managers who need editing access to an existing site or would like to have a new website created. In addition to new CMS users, anyone wishing for a CMS refresher is encouraged to take the course.

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We only offer live sessions of this class once per term. You'll see the schedule on this page. If you can't wait, we recommend taking the course online and then stopping by one of our Open Support sessions in our office.

About the Instructor

This training is taught by one of our specialized Web Developers. Each individual has been fully trained in using our Content Management System (CMS) and has experience in website design. The instructor as well as all the members of Web & Digital Communications will be available for additional support and training courses.


While the CMS lets you create and manage web content even if you are unfamiliar with web programming, it is important you are familiar with web browsers and word processors as the CMS uses a word processor much like Microsoft Word. If you are new to word processors or would like to get a refresher, there are a number of university services that can help. The UIT and the MSU Library both offer professional workshops on a variety of computer topics. Visit IT Onboarding or MSU Library Workshops Calendar for more information on these classes.


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