Prior to taking this course, you will need to complete Basic MSU Web Editing (CMS 110). For more on this introductory course, please visit the Basic MSU Web Editing (CMS 110) course page.

About this class, CMS 115

CMS 115: Creating Accessible MSU Web Content informs content managers best practices of web accessibility when creating content, defines web accessibility, and introduces our Accessibility Scanner built-into the CMS to assist your accessible content creation.

This course serves to fill content managers' Web Accessibility requirement at MSU. After March 1st, 2019, you must have taken this course and completed the quiz or you may not be able to create, edit or publish content on any MSU webpages.

You do not need another training module or permssions, aside from having taken CMS 110, before you go onto CMS 115.

Accessibility Resources