Webex offers three options for connecting audio to a Webex Meeting, Event, or Training.

Computer Audio 

A no cost method that also allows the most functionality for the user and host/presentors. Connecting via Computer Audio identifies the audio directly with the user signed in to the meeting.

US Toll Call-in

This is a low cost option for participants. Charges are minimal to MSU, and free or minimal to participants depending on your calling plan. If you have a plan that includes long distance calling, you will not incur charges for the call. This method can cause a misidentification of the call-in participant to the name signed in of the participant does not utilize the attendee ID # when calling in

US Toll Free Call-in or Call-me

This method comes at a higher cost to MSU. In order to keep our operating costs to a minimum we encourage users to use this only as a last resort when connecting to audio.


Instructions, Tips and Tricks for each method.

Preferred Method

Set this method as your standard.

Connect with a UIT rep to assist with recommendations for audio equipment.

Keyboard shortcuts

Low cost option for MSU

Free for participants with calling plans that include long distance.

HIghest cost option for MSU.

No cost to participant.