Webex Meetings Site URL: montana-student.webex.com

Webex for Students at MSU has offers Meetings Suite, Personal Rooms and more. 

  • Virtual Classroom Attendance
  • Virtual Study Groups
  • Virtual Advising Sessions 
  • Personal and Group Video Meetings
  • and more  

Faculty and Staff Webex Accounts live on a different Webex instance named montana.webex.com. 

If a faculty member, who has an account on montana.webex.com, sends an invite to a student, the student will need to attend as a guest. They SHOULD NOT TRY TO SIGN IN!

This is because most students do not have accounts on montana.webex.com, their accounts are on a different instance (montana-student.webex.com). Student Employees will have accounts on both.

If a student attempt to sign in to their montana-student.webex.com account to attend a meeting hosted by a user from montana.webex.com, it will not work. Students will probably end up with an "Account Creation Failed" error.

Most students are only able to host meetings on montana-student.webex.com, as this is the instance where they have accounts.  (Student Employees will have accounts on both)

Click here to learn how students can join a Webex Session from the Webex website, from your email invitation, applicable smartphones and more.

Click here for more information on Student Webex at MSU.

Webex for Higher Education 

 Transition To Virtual Learning With Webex


Webex Meetings Quick Start Guide for Students


Student Account Details

Students can join a Webex Session with or without a Webex account.

Students must have their own account to HOST a meeting, but not to attend.

Click here to learn how students can join a Webex Session from the Webex website, from a faculty email invitation, applicable smartphones and more.

Webex Suite

Which should I use? 

Visit Webex Suite Comparison for feature highlights and to help determine which suite is best for your need.

Click on the blue title box below for more Information about each Suite along with Instructions and Video Tutorials.  


Present information, share applications, and collaborate on projects in a centralized space.

Personal Meeting Room

Your own personal meeting space where the URL never changes.


You can access the Webex Meetings interface using

  1. Desktop App *Recommended*
    1. Click Here for More Information on how to join using the Desktop App
  2. Web Browser
  3. Mobile App
    1. Click Here for More Information on how to join using the Mobile App

Once inside the interface, you will use your netID credentials to login (e.g. a12b345) 

Options to Attend Meetings

  • Audio and Video Options
    • Call Using Computer *Recommended*
      • Also known as VOIP (Voice OverIP) this option utilizes the Internet to provide both Audio and Video connection options. 
      • Connection to a mobile hotspot could result in charges, check with your mobile carrier.
    • Call Using Webex Mobile App
      • This option utilizes Cellular and/or Internet access to provide both Audio and/or Video connection options. 
      • If Not Connected to Internet this App could result in Cellular Data Charges. Please check with your mobile carrier
  • Audio Only Options
    • Call Using Mobile Phone or Land Line
      • Toll (Cost to MSU - $.02 per minute)
      • Toll Free (Cost to MSU - $.05 per minute)
      • Call Me Back (Cost to MSU - $.05 per minute)
        • Roaming Charges could apply if out of your coverage area, check with your mobile carrier.


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Get Started

Learn how to log into the MSU's student Webex site and more at 
MSU's Webex How-To Resources webpage