MSU Teleconferencing Etiquette & Technical Tips


  • Meeting effectiveness and inclusion
  • Present yourself well
  • Audio quality
  • Video Quality

Internet guide during coronavirus outbreak


  • Can I get no-cost internet during the COVID-19 outbreak?
  • Will my internet speed be affected by the COVID-19 outbreak?
  • If I’m working from home, how much internet speed do I need?
  • Will my internet service be shut off if I can’t pay my bill during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Will my internet data cap stay the same during the COVID-19 outbreak?
  • Can I switch internet companies during the COVID-19 pandemic?


Cisco's Business Continuity when you have Low Bandwidth


  • Connections and devices
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • How do I use Webex with poor internet?
  • How do I use Webex without internet?
  • What if call-back isn’t working?