LaMeres' Gradudate Students

I served as the committee chair for the following graduate students.

  • Christopher McIntosh, MSEE, 2008. Thesis: Novel die-to-die coaxial interconnect system for use in System-in-Package applications. (PDF). 
  • Srinitha Nimmakayala, MSEE, 2009. Professional Paper: A Survey of Radiation Hardened CMOS Techniques. (PDF)
  • Charles Ostrander, MSEE, 2009. Thesis: Phase alignment of asynchronous external clock controllable devices to periodic master control signal using the Periodic Event Synchronization Unit. (PDF)
  • Monther Abusultan, MSEE, 2010. Thesis: Digital implementation of direction-of-arrival estimation techniques for smart antenna systems. (PDF)
  • Clint Gauer, MSEE, 2010.  Thesis: Radiation tolerant many-core computing system for aerospace applications. (PDF)
  • Ningkonsin Rajkumar, MSEE 2010.  Professional Paper: Communication and Debug Platform for Smart Antenna DOA System: UART System Design in VHDL and Debug Platform in Labview.
  • Jennifer Hane, MSEE, 2012.  Thesis: A fault-tolerant computer architecture for space vehicle applications. (PDF)
  • Raymond Weber, PhD EE, 2014.  Dissertation: Reconfigurable hardware accelerators for high performance radiation tolerant computers. (PDF)
  • Justin Hogan, PhD EE, 2014.  Dissertation: Reliability analysis of radiation induced fault mitigation strategies in field programmable gate arrays. (PDF)
  • Adam Gunderson, MSEE, 2014.  Thesis: Design, fabrication, and implementation of the energetic particle integrating space environment monitor instrument. (PDF)
  • Samuel Harkness, MSEE, 2015.  Thesis: Experiment platform to facilitate flight testing of fault tolerant reconfigurable computer systems. (PDF)
  • David Turner, MSEE, 2015.  Thesis: Implementation of a radiation-tolerant computer based on a LEON3 architecture. (PDF)
  • Mathew Handley, MSEE, 2017.  Thesis: Design, fabrication, and implementation of an embedded flight computer in support of the ionospheric-thermospheric scanning photometer for ion-neutral studies CubeSat mission. (PDF)
  • Connor Julien, MSEE, 2017.  Thesis: A radiation tolerant computer mission to the International Space Station. (PDF)
  • Kevin Zack, MSEE, 2017.  Thesis: An electrical power system implementing fixed power point tracking with temperature compensation. (PDF)