Student in front of a smart boardThe physical Gary K. Bracken Center for Excellence in Undergraduate Business Education includes the following:

High Technology Conference Room and Student Center - This room is equipped with state-of-the-art conferencing and communication technology. For instance, with the electronic smart board, one simply touches the screen to access computer-based materials. Pick up a pen to write notes or annotate over the top of running applications. It is possible to hold conference with anyone who has Internet access. All electronic notes can be printed directly to a local or network printer.

Students in Bracken Conference Room


High Technology Practice Rooms - Located next to the High Technology Conference Room are two state-of-the-art "practice" rooms. Equipped with several Internet connections and mobile projection technology, students are able to rehearse presentations, conduct group meetings, and use specialized business databases. The rooms are used also as places where students work with persons from industry to assess and enhance their job skills.


Live Feed Monitor in Reid Hall

Live Feed Display - In the hallway, cutting edge display technology will broadcasts web feeds of business news. The display shows messages of welcome to special guests and to disseminate important announcements and deadlines.