Request for Nominations for the BRACKEN PRIDE AWARD

Spring 2020

The Jake Jabs College of Business & Entrepreneurship is seeking nominations for the Bracken PRIDE Award. This Award will be given to the College’s undergraduate student who best represents one or more elements of our Student PRIDE Code of Excellence. The award will consist of a $1500 scholarship and a plaque in the Bracken Center.

Student PRIDE Code of Excellence:

Performance: I am accountable for and take pride in my own learning and conduct.

Respect:  I treat with respect all members of my community, including peers, staff and faculty.

Integrity:  I am ethical in all that I do.

Diligence:  I do my best work at all times.

Engagement:  I challenge myself to invest proactively in my academic, professional and personal development.


Criteria for Eligibility: 

  • Pre-business or Business major
  • Freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior (no graduate students please)
  • Evidence of exceptional commitment to one or more elements of the Student PRIDE Code of Excellence (see above)

The College welcomes self-nominations by students as well as nominations by others.  In your nomination letter, please include the following information:

  • The name of the nominee
  • A description of the ways in which the nominee demonstrates exceptional commitment to the Student PRIDE Code of Excellence with specific examples
  • The nominee’s resume


Please note that GPA is not a criterion for this award.


Please submit your nomination letter to:

Chelsey Wilson, Director of the Bracken Center by Friday, March 6th, 2020.