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The College of Graduate Studies began accepting student theses and dissertations electronically in Spring 2003. Electronic submissions became mandatory in Fall 2004. These electronic documents may be accessed through ScholarWorks



Nicholas, Grace: Advisor: Jean Dixon
Landslide Morphology and its Insight into the Timing and Causes of Slope Failure: Case Study of Post-Glacial Landslides in Yellowstone National Park

Quinn, Colin: Advisor: Jean Dixon
Soil Storage on Steep Forested and Non-Forested Mountain Hillslopes in the Bitterroot Mountains, MT

Saly, Diana: Advisor: Jordy Hendrikx
Using Time-Lapse Photography to Document Terrain Preferences of Backcountry Skiers

Sando, Linnea: Advisor: Bill Wyckoff
Sheep Country in Three Western American Localities: Place Indentity, Landscape, Community, and Family

Sykes, John: Advisor: Jordy Hendrikx
Travel Behavior and Decision-Making of Lift Access Backcountry Skiers


Anderson, Colter: Advisor: Dave Lageson
Strategic Framework and Provenance of the Lower Belt Supergroup (Newland Formation), Helena Embayment, Central Montana

Zoanni, Dionne: Advisor: Jamie McEvoy
"All the Answers Are In Our Culture": Integrating Traditional Knowledge Systems Into Tribal Water Governance on Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana



Adam, Zachary: Advisor(s): Mark Skidmore and David Mogk
Microfossil paleontology and biostratigraphy of the early Mesoproterozoic Belt Supergroup, Montana

Atwood, Nicholas: Advisor: James Schmitt
The Effect of Structural Growth on Basin Floor Sedimentary Architecture in the Miocene Marnoso-arenacea Formation, Italy

Barta, Daniel: Advisor: David Varricchio
A phylogenetic approach to understanding dinosaur egg diversity and the evolution of reproductive traits within Dinosauria :  http://www.montana.edu/wwwes/programs/escitheses.htm

Borish, Matthew: Advisor: Jordy Hendrikx
Surface Hoar Observations at the Scale of a Helicopter Skiing Operation

Borski, Jack: Advisor: James Schmitt
Stratigraphic Architecture and Diagenetic Evolution of the Late Devonian to Early Mississippian Three Forks Formation in Western Montana

Carroll, Nathan: Advisor: David Varricchio
Pterodactyloid Diversity in the Two Medicine Formation (Campanian) of Montana

Corthouts, Travis: Advisor: David Lageson
Deformation and Metasomatism of the Qomolangma Formation:  A Geochemical and Microstructural Analysis of the Summit Limestone, Mount Everest, Nepal

Easley, Eric: Advisor: David Lageson
A Fracture and Texture Analysis of the Bakken Formation, Montana

Fockler, Matthew: Advisor: William Wyckoff
The National Forest Imperative:  A Historical Geography of National Forest Landscapes, Northern Rockies,  Montana

Hoyer, Ian: Advisor: Jordy Hendrikx
An Investigation of the Spatial Variability and Efficacy of the Extended Column Test

Jeffrey, Sarah: Advisor: David Lageson
Structurally-controlled hydrothermal diagenesis of Paleozoic reservoir rocks exposed in the Big Snowy Arch, central Montana

Krause, Teresa: Advisor: Cathy Whitlock
Early postglacial vegetation development in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Marienthal, Alex: Advisor: Jordy Hendrikx
Meteorological Metrics Associated with Deep Slab Avalanches on Persistent Weak Layers

Michelfelder, Gary: Advisor: Todd Feeley
The Geochemical Evolution of the Cerro Uturuncu Magma Chamber, SW Bolivia and Its Relation to the Andean Central Volcanic Zone

Oser, Sara: Advisor: David Varrhicchio
Fossil Eggs and Perinatal remains from the Upper Cretaceous Two Medicine Formation of Montana

Poust, Ashley: Advisor: David Varricchio
W is for Wulong, who sank in the lake

Queirolo, Rosalba: Advisor: James Schmitt
Can Quantitative and Qualitative Deep Marine Depositional Models be Reconciled?  A Case Study of the Sites Member Turbidite Sequence, Cortina Formation (Late Cretaceous), Cache Creek, California

Scanlon, Ryan: Advisor(s): Mark Skidmore & Jordy Hendrikx
Stable Isotopic Investigatino of Basal Ice, Taylor Glacier Antarctica. http://scholarworks.montana.edu/xmlui/handle/1/700

Simon, Danielle: Advisor: David Varricchio
Giant dinosaur (Therapod) eggs from southeastern Idaho; taxonomic, paleographic, and reproductive implications

Spotts,Terra: Advisor: Mark Skidmore
Flux of methane from recently exposed subglacial sediment, Robertson Glacier, Canadian Rockies

Thacker, Jacob: Advisor: David Lageson
Structural and mineralogic characterization of the South Prairie fault in the Stillwater Complex, Beartooth Mountains, Montana

White, Alicia: Advisor: Cathy Whitlock
Ecosystem Response to Holocene Fire and Climate Change at Hobart Lake, Southwestern Oregon

Woodruff, D, Cary: Advisor: Jack Horner
A New Multi-Faceted Framework for Deciphering Diplodocid Ontogeny


Imai, Takuya Advisor: David Varricchio
Sedimentological analyses of eggshell transport and deposition: Implication and application to eggshell taphonomy. http://scholarworks.montana.edu/xmlui/handle/1/2728

Maday, Christine: Advisor: David Mogk
The role of secondary precipitates and sulfate reducing bacteria in microbially influenced steel corrosion:implications for fuel tank degradation. http://scholarworks.montana.edu/xmlui/handle/1/2910

Melick, Jesse: Advisor: Michael Gardner
Subsurface description and modeling of geologic heterogeneity in large subsurface datasets: using temporal and scarlar hierarchies, Powder River Basin, WY and MT, U.S.A. http://scholarworks.montana.edu/xmlui/handle/1/2657

Wetluafer, Karl: Advisor: Jordy Hendrikx
The effect of basin physiography on the spatial distribution of snow water equivalent and snow density near peak accumulation. http://scholarworks.montana.edu/xmlui/handle/1/3470

Wooldridge, Robin: Advisor: Jordy Hendrikx
The effects of explosives on the physical properties of snow. http://scholarworks.montana.edu/xmlui/handle/1/2575

Yamamura, Daigo: Advisor: James Schmitt
Sandstone diagenesis as a proxy indicator of pore fluid geochemistry: Implications for fossilization of vertabrate skeletal material in the Hell Creek Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Eastern Montana. http://scholarworks.montana.edu/xmlui/handle/1/491


Iglesias, Virgina: Advisor: Cathy Whitlock
Holocene climate, vegetation, fire linkages along the Patagonian Forest/Steppe Ecotone

Knell, Michael: Advisor: David Varricchio
Taphonomic and Biostratigraphic analysis of fossil freshwater turtles in the upper cretaceous (campanian) kaiparowits formation of southern Utah, USA http://scholarworks.montana.edu/xmlui/handle/1/2998

Lin, Xuejiao: Advisor: Jian-yi Liu
Urbanization and its impacts on the urban spatial pattern in the economic reform era (1978-present): A case study of Shanghai, China http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1688

Lynn, Helen: Advisor: David Lageson
Structural control on fluid migration through thrust sheets of the Stewart Peak culmination, Northern Salt River Range, Wyoming http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1705

Montross, Scott: Adviosr: Mark Skidmore
Biogeochemistry of basal ice from Taylor Glacier, Antarctica http://scholarworks.montana.edu/xmlui/handle/1/1895

Schaff, Rebecca: Advisor: Frances Jackson
Incubation of Continuoolithus canadensis eggs from the late Cretaceous Two Medicine Formation of Montana

Stiegler, Josef: Advisor: David Varricchio
Modeling the evolution of substrate use in the hands and feet of primates, birds, and non-avian therpod dinosaurs

Wang, Yujian: Urban development and urban planning in contemporary China--A case study of Chengdu http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1697

Williams, Karen: Advisor: William Locke
Hillslope to fluvial process domain transitions in headwater catchments http://scholarworks.montana.edu/xmlui/handle/1/2548

Ballard, Holly: Advisor: David Varricchio
Comparative Population Histovariability Within the Archosauria


Anggraini, Niswatin: Advisor: James Schmitt
Carbonate preservation of dinosaur eggs in the upper Cretaceous Anacleto Formation at Auca Mahuevo, Neuquen Basin, Argentina http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1219

Bechberger, Melody: Advisor: James Schmitt
Investigation of permeability patterns and diagenetic heterogeneity along the J-2 unconformity (UT, CO, AZ) http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1233

Boessenecker, Robert: Advisor: James Schmitt
Taphonomy of marine vertebrate bone beds in the Pliocene Purisima Foramtion, coastal California

Carr, Christina: Advisor: James Schmitt
Fault segmentation control on alluvial fan and fan drainage basin morphometry, Lemhi Range, East-Central Idaho http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1238

Florentine, Caitlyn: Advisor: Cathy Whitlock
Rock glaciers as paleoclimate archives: a case study at Lone Mountain, Big Sky, Montana http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1245

Guy, Zachary: Advisor: Jordy Hendrikx
The influence of terrain parameters on the spatial variability of potential avalanche trigger locations in complex avalanche terrian http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1466

Lash, Catherine: Advisor: James Schmitt
Depostional Enviroment and Taphonomy of Marine Vertebrate Biofacies in the Lower Cretaceous (Albian) Thermopolis Shale, South Central Montana http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1484

Preston, Todd: Advisor: William Locke
Reexamining saline contamination associated with oil and gas development in the Praire Pothole Region, Sheridan County, MT http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1279

Schaffer, Mark: Advisor: Stephen Custer
Ground-water dischare and aquifer reharge zones near Four Corners, Gallatin County, Montana http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1321

Swindell, Bryan: Advisor: Cathy Whitlock
Tree-Ring Reconstructed Streamflow and Drought History for the Bighorn River Basin, Wyoming http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1502

Wolak, Jeannette: Advisor: Michael Gardner
Sedimentology and Stratigrapy of a Deepwater Transient Fan on the Continental Slope: The Late Miocene Isongo Formation, Equatorial West Africa http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1299


Abrahamson, Ingrid:  Advisor:  James Schmitt
Sediment Routing Systems Response to Tectonic Activity in the Argentine Precordillera: Sierra Las Penas-Las Higueras

Chesley-Preston, Tara:  Advisor:  Stephen Custer
Patterns of natural avalanche activity associated with new snow water equivalance and upper atomospheric wind direction and speed in the mountains surrounding Gothic, Colorado http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1114

Cohn, Teresa:  Advisor:  William Wyckoff
Enviroment, Settlement, and Identity: Understanding Processes of Vegetative Change along the Wing River http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1180

Gottschalk, Caroline:  Advisor:  David Mogk
Geochemistry and mineralogy of Tongue River member coal from three Montana coal mines http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1118

Leavell, Lawrence:  Advisor:  Jian-Yi Liu
Informal micro-business development and the influence of adat on the traditional markets in Gianyar Regency, Bali, Indonesia http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1124

McNamara, Kelsey:  Advisor:  James Schmitt
The influence of growing structures on Cretaceous alluvial systems along the Cordilleran thrust belt front, Valley of Fire, Southern Nevada http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1025

Mumma, Stephanie:  Advisor:  Cathy Whitlock
A 20,000-yr-old record of vegetation and climate from Lower Red Rock Lake, Centennial Valley, Southwestern Montana http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1026

Reizner, Julie:  Advisor:  John Horner
An ontogenetic series and population histology of the ceratopsid dinosaur Einiosaurus procurvicornis http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1130

Turner, Bryan:  Advisor:  James Schmitt
Testing the local diachroneity of the terrestrial lithostratigraphic KPg Boundary, Northern Montana http://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=1138


Anderson, Bryan:  Advisor:  Michael Gardner
Evolution of coarse-grained, upper slope chnnel fairway deposits, Paleocene El Rosario Formation, San Carlos, Baja California, Mexico.
Full Thesis found here.

Hansen, Logan:  Advisor:  Mark Skidmore
Design and experimental testing of a high pressure, high temperature flow-through rock core reactor using supercritical carbon dioxidehttp://etd.lib.montana.edu/etd/view/item.php?id=997

Lutz, Eric:  Advisor:  Katherine Hansen
Spatial and temporal analysis of snopack strength and stability and enviromental determinants on an inclined, forest opening

McKeon, Ryan:  Advisor:  David Lageson
The interaction between tectonics, topography, and climate in the San Juan Mountains, Southwestern Colorado

McLeod, Scott:  Advisor:  David Lageson
Isostatically compensated extensional tectonics on Enceladus

Nygaard, Kimiko:  Advisor:  William Wyckoff
From the Old to New West: changes in landownership and land use in the Crazy Mountain, Montana from 1900 to 2000

Peitzsch, Erich:  Advisor:  Katherine Hansen
Water movement in a stratified and inclined snowpack: implications for wet slab avalanches

Tully, Justin:  Advisor:  David Lageson
Structural interpretation of the Elk Range thrust system, Western Colorado, USA

Underwood, Sandra:  Advisor:  Todd Feeley
Stable isotope (18 O/16 O and D/H) studies of cascade volcanic arc magmatism


Bergstom, Ryan:
The Geographic and Economic Importance of Hunting in southwestern Montana, USA
. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Kathy Hansen.

Cooperstein, Mike:
Near-Surface Faceted Crystals. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Kathy Hansen.

Kambic, Robert:
Multivariate Analysis of Avian and Non-Avian Theropod Pedal Phalanges. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: David Varricchio.

Papineau, Diane:
Transforming place at canyon: politics and settlement creation in Yellowstone National Park
. Advisor: William Wyckoff.

Petrik, Falene Elizabeth:
Scarp Analysis of the centennial normal fault, Beaverhead County, Montana and Fremont County, Idaho
. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Dave Lageson.

Scherzer, Ben. Taphonomy of the Snow River Bonebed. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: David Varriccho.

Warren, Scott. Geography of Poplar, Montana. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: William Wyckoff.


Grossenburg, Chad:
Campsite Impacts and the LImits of Acceptable Change Planning Progress: A Case Study of the Jedediah Smith Wilderness. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Jian-Yi Liu.

Jackson, Frances (Frankie):
Titanosaur Reproductive Biology: Comparison of the Auca Mahuevo Titanosaur Nesting Locality (Argentina), to the Pinyes Megalooithus Nesting Locality (Spain)
. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: David Varricchio.

Jacobs, Karen:
Fire and Vegetation Hisstory of the Last 2000 Years in Jackson Hole, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Cathy Whitlock.

Jenkins, Patricia. Map-based Tests on Controls of Anabranch River Character on the Lower Yellowstone River. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Steve Custer.

Klauk, Erin. Design and Learning Outcomes of Web-Based Instructional Resources Focused on the Impacts of Resource Development on Native American Lands. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Dave Mogk.

Trautman, Simon. Wet Loose Snow Avalanching in Southwestern Montana. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Steve Custer.

Wolff, Ewan. Oral Pathology of the Archosauria Bony Abnormalities and Phylogenetic Inference. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: David Varricchio.


Bryson, Jeremy Glen. Creating the Old and New Wests: Landscape and Identity in Anaconda and Hamilton, Montana. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Bill Wyckoff.

Patterson, Scott Joseph. Sedimentology and Geomorphology of Quaternary Alluvial Fans with Implications to Growth Strata, Lost River Range, Idaho. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: James Schmitt.

Wilson, Laura Elizabeth. Comparative Taphonomy and Paleoecological Reconstruction of Two Microvertebrate Accumulations from the Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) Hell Creek Formation, Eastern Montana. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: John Horner.


Brodhead, Katherine May. The Influence of Riparian-Canopy Structure and Coverage on the Breeding Distribution of the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Richard Aspinall.

Darian, Laurie. The Emerging Hispanic Homeland of the Pacific Northwest: A Case Study of Yakima Valley, Washington. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Jian-Yi Liu.

Holscher, Erik Edward. Prioritizing Private Land for Conservation Easement: Riparian Corridor Conservation Along the West Gallatin River. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Kathy Hansen.

Logan, Spencer Carl. Temporal Changes in the Spatial Patterns of Weak Layer Shear Strength and Stability on Uniform Slopes. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Kathy Hansen.

Pidgeon, Leo Edward. Habitat-Based Species-Specific Spatial Prediction: Geographical Distribution of Spiranthes diluvialis. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Jian-Yi Liu.


Cantwell, Laurie Beth. A Comparison of Learning: Integration of a Virtual and Traditional Field Trip into an Introductory Environmental Geology Course. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: David Mogk.

Capps, Denny. The Quaternary History of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet Fringe, Ashley Lake Area, Montana. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Bill Locke.

Davis, Nicole Kristina. Extent and Timing of Laurentide Glacial Lake Musselshell, Central Montana. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Bill Locke.

Flight, Jennifer Noel. Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of the Fox Hills and Hell Creek Fms. (Maastrichtian), Eastern Montana, and Its Relationship to Dinosaur Paleontology. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: James Schmitt.

Jones, Aaron Paul. Graph-Theoretic Modeling of Functional Habitat Connectivity for Lynx on the Okanogan Highlands, Northern Washington. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Richard Aspinall.

McCollister, Christopher Michael. Geographic Knowledge Discovery Techniques for Exploring Historical Weather and Avalanche Data. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Kathy Hansen.

Romig, Jeannette M. March Wet Avalanche Prediction at Bridger Bowl Ski Area, Montana. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Stephen Custer.

Youngs, Yolonda Lucille. Pleasure ground for the Future: The Evolving Cultural Landscape of Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park 1870-1966. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Bill Wyckoff.


Fleming, Kerri R., 2003, The Effects of Septic Systems on Surface Water and Groundwater Quality in Two Subdivisions in the Gallatin County Local Water Quality District, Montana, 185pp. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Custer.

Hanna, Braden T., 2003, Geomicrobiology, Mineralogy, Mineral Morphology and Mineral Textures of Acid Sulfate Springs of Rabbit Creek, Yellowstone National Park, WY. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Mogk.

Lamoreux, Lisa M. B., 2003, National Park Gateway Land Use Evolution: A Case Study of Glacier National Park 1890-2001, 203 pp. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Bill Wyckoff.

Greenup, Mary T., 2003, Spatial Investigation of Ground Water Nitrate and Coliform Bacteria in the Gallatin Local Water Quality District, Gallatin County, Montana, 83pp. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Richard Aspinall.

Stanionis, Crystal C., 2003. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Richard Aspinall.


Deems, Jeffrey S., 2002, Topographical Effects on the Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Snow Temperature Gradients in a Mountain Snowpack, 85 pp. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Kathy Hansen.

Landry, Christopher C., 2002, Spatial Variations in Snow Stability on Uniform Slopes: Implications for Extrapolation to Surrounding Terrain, 248pp. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Kathy Hansen.

Lindsay, Charles R., 2002, Petrogenesis of Eocene Calc-Alkaline Magmatism at Electric Peak and Sepulcher Mountain, Absaroka Volcanic Province, Montana and Wyoming, 155pp. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Feeley.

a Kirk, Karin B., 2002, A Preliminary Investigation of the Madison Aquifer for a Drinking Water Supply in Bozeman, Montana, 200 pp. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Custer.

Dixon, Stewart A., 2002, Driller Specific Capacity as a Measure of Aquifer Transmissivity and a Test of the Hydrogeologic Units in the Gallatin Local Water Quality District, 127 pp. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Custer.


LaRock, Jeffery W., 2001, Sedimentology and Taphonomy of a Dinosaur Bonebed from the Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) Judith River Formation of North Central Montana, 61 pp. MS Earth Sciences.

O’Connell, Michael P., 2001. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Lageson.

Shoup, Bentley E., 2001, Sedimentology and Taphonomy: A Shell Bed Assemblage from the Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) Hell Creek Formation of Eastern Montana, 66 pp. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Schmitt.

Winer, Grace S., 2001, St. Paul Island, Pribilof Islands, Alaska: Geology, Volcanic Evolution, and Volcanic Hazards, 169 pp. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Feeley.


Gillett, Linda E., 2000, Comparisons of Phenological Variability and Precipitation of Ecoregion and Grassland Cover Types in the Northern Great Plains from 1988 to 1993, 80 pp. MS Earth Sciences.

Godwin, Ian. Physiographic components of trail erosion. MS Earth Sciences. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Andrew Marcus.

Hanson, Donay, 2000, Using Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) Satellite Images to Map Snow Cover and Green Biomass in Yellowstone National Park, 83 pp. MS Earth Sciences.

Kauffman, Martha H., 2000, An Investigation of Ground Water - Surface Water Interaction in the Flint Creek Valley, Granite County, Montana, 196 pp. MS Earth Sciences.

Mitchell, Stewart, 2000, A Geographic Information System Fiscal Analysis of Development Patterns in Bozeman, Montana, 77 pp. MS Earth Sciences. Advisor: Richard Aspinall.

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Kelly, Susan B., 1999, Natural Revegetation of Abandoned Horse Corrals Over Time in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, 158 pp. MS Earth Sciences.

Kurtz, Deborah J., 1999, Geographic Characterization of Exotic Plant Species in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, 116 pp. MS Earth Sciences.

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