• Dr. Robert Garrott - Prof. Wildlife Management: Ungulate ecology, population dynamics and population condition assessment.
  • Dr. Christopher Guy - Assistant Leader, Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit, Affiliate Professor of Fisheries Management: Applied fisheries science; population ecology; predator-prey interactions; fisheries management.
  • Dr. Andrea Litt - Associate Professor: Effects of invasive species on wildlife, restoration ecology, quantitative ecology.
  • Dr. Steven Kalinowski - Professor: Population genetics, evolutionary theory, and conservation.
  • Dr. Thomas E. McMahon - Prof. Fisheries Management: Fish behavior and ecology, fish-habitat relationships, riparian management effects of fisheries.
  • Dr. Jay J. Rotella - Prof. Wildlife Management: Ecology, population dynamics, habitat relationships, and management of waterfowl, upland game birds, and non-game birds.
  • Dr. David Willey - Adjunct Research Associate Professor: Ecology; population dynamics; habitat relationships; and management of avian species.    
  • Dr. Alexander V. Zale - Leader, Montana Cooperative Fishery Research Unit; Professor of Fisheries Management: Applied aquatic ecology, hydropower, reservoirs, fisheries management.


  • Meghan Heim - Academic Coordinator for the Ecology Department Graduate and Undergraduate Programs. The graduate program offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Biological Sciences and Fish and Wildlife Management. The undergraduate program offers a major in Biological Sciences with several options. Those include Biology Teaching, Conservation Biology & Ecology, Fish & Wildlife Ecology & Management, and Organismal Biology.
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Graduate Students

For a list of graduate students, please see the web pages associated with individual faculty, where you will find a list of the students working with the chosen faculty member and a brief description of each student's project.