Volunteers are needed to help teams and run tournaments. For information on teams in your area or to volunteer at the state tournament in Bozeman, please contact us as shown at left.

The success of FIRST programs in Montana and around the world is directly related to the generous contributions of time, talents and expertise from thousands of volunteers who support our teams, or who organize and work at our events. Simply stated, FIRST would not be possible without volunteers. We would like to extend our greatest thanks to the volunteers that have made each Montana FLL and FTC event a huge success – including all coaches, mentors, parents, and tournament volunteers!

Our 2017 Volunteers

We held the 2017 FTC, FLL and FLL Jr Montana State Tournament  on January 27 - 28. It was a huge success thanks to our amazing volunteers. Over three months, one hundred and forty - two volunteers contributed about one thousand hours of their time to prepare to host about seven hundred and fifty k-12 kids.  Volunteers included students, faculty and staff of The College of Engineering; The Honors College; The College of Letters and Science; The College of Education, Health and Human Development and the Livingston Public School District. Volunteers did a variety of essential tasks from building lego playing fields to judging teams' projects, to helping teams get to their competitions on time to setting up and tearing down the extensive tournament equipment. Here is a list of the 2017 volunteers, many of whom filled multiple roles and volunteered on multiple days. Additionally, many of our volunteers have contributed their time and talents for multiple years- some since the very first MT competition that took place 11 years ago!  Our sincere gratitude goes out to:


Sarah Ashback
Kendall Black
Trevor Clark
Larry Edwards
Alex Abrahamson
Elias Athey
Susan Atkinson
Logan Battrell
Josh Bean
ashley Beck
Elijah Beckstrom
Matt Beckstrom
Kim Beckstrom
Romy Beigel
Zoe Benedict
Rachael Bernt
Brendan Blanchard
Doug Cairns
Christopher Casebeer
Yihan Chen
Daniel Church
Trevor Clark
Eleni Comstock
David Cook
Angela Desjardins
Matthew Doran
Lauren Dupuis
Mari Eggers
Erica Eggleton
Justin Elias
Mehmet Erdem
Lianne Ewals
Damon Fick
Kendall Flemmer
Trevor Gahl
Tim Gauthier
Robin Gerlach
Justin Goss
Brooke Gowins
Ryan Grady
Matt Griffin
Dieter Grosswiler
Clayton Hahola
Dani Handelin
Chris Harmon
Yvette Heinze
Greg Hess

Jeff Heyes
Mitch Hobish
Ethan Hoerr
Muriel Holmquist
Bridger Howell
Bridgette Hughes
Kristopher Hunt
Ed Huth
Clem Izurieta
Beth Jankowski
Dan Jankowski
Morgan Johnson
Nate Johnson
Jonathan Johnson
Keith Johnson
Donald Jones
Sandy Jones
Rachel Juel
Todd Kaiser
Reed Kampf
Ish Kaur
Jen Kayser
Madeline Kelly
Haley Ketteler
Trisheena Kills Pretty Enemy
Dayton Kohler
Will Krolick Krolick
Kim Kurokawa
Judith LaPlante
Randy Larimer
Kaiser Leib
Matthew Linquist
Ed Little
Hunter Lloyd
Filpula Ankney Logan
Kendra Lunday
Douglas MacLeod
Rob Maher
Josie Maley
Riley Manfull
Ryan Mason
Cooper McCann
Mindy McCord
Carley McCutchen
Nathan McDonald
Ryan Miller
Dan Miller
Makayla Moorhouse

Sylvia Nicovich
Erienne Norton
Jake Nunemaker
Esther Oloff
Siri Orser
Yagmur Oz
Burcu Ozay
Sean Palmer
Adie Phillips
Bryan Plant
Jordan Pottruff
Jodi Reida
Claire Richards
Dean Ricker
Mike Ritchie
Mandy Rutherford
Claire Rutherford
Cassie Schultz
Matt Sessa
Tia Sharpe
Shelly Shroyer
Mike Simmonds
Harnek Singh
Russ Sipes
Trenton Steach
Darren Steiner
Glen Steinhoff
Leila Sterman
Marquette Stevenson
Nolan Swain
Skylar Tamke
Nora Tang
Rebecca Varnes
Beth Varnes
Maria Velazquez
Anna Verhaegh
Michael Voth
Mike Voth
Raymond Weber
Lily Westerhoff
Dita Wijaya
Nate Williams
Shannon Willoughby
Jaclyn Wing
Avery Wisler
Peter Wolf
Jacob Ziehli