Due to the Summer Success Academy beginning July 17th, we are requesting that you apply as soon as possible. Applications received by July 12th will receive expedited review. If applying before July 12th poses a challenge, please call Carina Beck at 406.994.7627. 

The first step toward becoming a Hilleman Scholar is to apply for consideration. Applications must be submitted online. If having to submit an application online would prevent you from applying, please contact the MSU Hilleman Scholars Program at (406) 994-3434 to discuss alternative format submission requirements.

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Contact & Personal Information
Personal Reference

This may be a high school teacher, coach, or counselor, or another person of significant influence (but not a family member).

Essay Question

After reading Dr. Hilleman’s biography, please write a brief essay (approximately 500-1000 words) describing how his story inspires your own studies at Montana State University. Please also describe your personal aspirations and how you will channel your work ethic to achieve your academic, leadership, and/or career goals.