The intent of this degree program is to provide students with an opportunity to diversify or further solidify their educational foundation through graduate education that can be applied to any of several career paths in the health care field.  The program supports and formalizes the educational endeavors of MSU graduates,  Post Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Certificate students, and non-certificate students who attend MSU to better prepare for matriculation into health care-related professional schools.  The MS in Health Sciences program was approved in early 2009 and the first students matriculated in August 2009.  The program requires at least two consecutive semesters and the class size is capped at 30 students.

The MS in Health Sciences program can be combined with the Post Baccalaureate Pre-Medical Certificate program to provide a continuous and more in-depth degree program.

Additionally, students who have a solid science background, and thus do not qualify for the Certificate program, can be eligible to enter directly into the one year MS in Health Sciences program.  The pre-requisites for the MS degree are such that students are able to build on a substantial foundation in the basic sciences and broaden their academic experience.

Click here to apply to the MS in Health Sciences program

**Applications are accepted between October 1 and March 31. We utilize a rolling admission. The program begins Fall Semester( late August) 

**Deferrals will only be considered for issues beyond your control (example: timing of military discharge)