MT Hall and Bridger Mountains

Students start the certificate program in the summer, which allows for the most expeditious completion of the program. 

For students considering Pharmacy, Dentistry, or Physician Assistant, additional pre-requisites are needed, including anatomy and physiology.




Recommended Schedule of Required Courses:

  Summer Session:
  • College Chemistry I / II (CHYM 141/143)
  • Physics I / II (PHYX 205/207)
  Fall Semester:
  • Integrated Physiology (BIOH 185)
  • Organic Chemistry I (CHMY 321)
  • Elementary Statistics (STAT 216)
Spring Semester:
  • Biochemistry (BCH 380)
  • Organic Chemistry II (CHMY 323)
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology (BIOB 260)
Summer Session:
  • ??Anatomy & Physiology (BIOH 201)
  • Survey of Calculus (M 160Q)


Certificate of Completion is awarded to students who complete a minimum of 36 credits during the program.

Students will be required to complete a Program of Study in early fall.

Courses offered through the Health Professions Advising office.