This table contains two columns of links Bill wants to have accessible but which are not used so often as to appear on his quicklinks page.

994-7266 AV support


Distance Learning

Swivl - Hong Kong

Linked-in Learning (formerly Lydia)


MSU Qualtrics Entrance

MSU Qualtrics LibGuide

Qualtrics Practice - Embedded Math with Piped Text

Qualtrics Practice - The full Survey Mockup

Qualtrics Practice - Placement Sandbox


Grad Student Handbook

Form Builder

     Create a Form

     Advanced Field

Applications and Services


Micki's Help Desk

Tools - Media




Keyboard Tester

Soapbox - Chrome Video Recorder

Google Tour Creator

Yandex Image Translator

McAfee EHHD version

Google Map - 201770 St Tch

Google Maps JavaScript API - Tabs include many useful examples.

Decimal Degree Lat & Lng Finder

AIR Tech Tips

TechSmith Relay Recorder

Noisy vs Clean

Yanny-Laurel slider

Free Ed Tech Books

Media Bias


Windows 10 Screen Shots

Educator's Guide to Pinterest

Tools - Data

Data Visualization Catalog

Google Public Data Explorer


Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics - US Census

Which Chart to Use

National Postsecondary Student Aid Study

Places in Montana

OPI Educator Preparation - Includes Praxis Passing Scores


Annual Review - On Box

Student Teaching Map - A Google Map using the API. This is now covered and uneditable. Using it again would require creating a paid account.

MSU Owl Tour - A Google 360° Tour


Access Support at MSU

Digital Lab

Learning Glass Solutions - Specs (sort of)

MultiTable - 250 lb capacity - Specs

Ergoprise - 300 lb capacity

Note: In iMovie, click clip in timeline, click tri-dot above playback window, click Clip Filter and choose Flipped from selection that opens on the left.


Search Committees

MSU Online Recruitment System

Classroom Committee


Campus licensed software

Student Computer Labs


It Starts With Me


AIR Professional File



Academic Writer Webinar

BizHub Mac Drivers

Campus Labs Webinar - course evals - Faculty only

IShowYou Instant tips and Video Tutorials

Apple App Store

VR Museum download

Google Apps

Google 2 Step Verification

Google Play

Microsoft Translator Live

Microsoft Learning Tools

MultiScreener - Sync video on multiple Macs - Zach Poff

OBS Studio Quick Start

OBS Studio Overview

SingleFramer - Animation/Time Lapse for Mac - Zach Poff

SMART Portal

SMART 7000 Drivers


How do I Buy at MSU

SMARTboard Mounting - his is a little different than ours

UX60 Image adjustment

Power Outage Map

Link my Fitbit

Owl Video Conference Camera - recommended by Deborah Rinio


Open Textbooks


ePass Montana

Guide to accessing eMACS

Supporting Materials

Chrome River


Social Media in the Classroom

Java Developer's Kit Documentation

Sansar Blog

New World Notes

Edit Google Sites New

Edit Google Sites Old

Record Oculus Rift


Siwvl Help - or email


The App


Single Marker Test Video

Harvard Best Foot Forward Toolkit

Let Them Speak

Video Products

Email Preferences with Nigel

EHHD Talks 2020

MSU Friday Promo 2020

Old TEP promo

Convocation Spring 2020

Career Fair Fall 2019

REP Fall 2019

Lockhart Intro

Induction & Send-Off Fall 2019

I&S Edit

We Tried to Tell You

Milestones in Service 2019

Success Prints Crash Course Game Rules

Jamie O'Callaghan - MAT

Matthew Cordell

Water Protectors, Vanessa Simonds

Seifert Research at MotR 201870

Goodbye, Art

Goobye, Priscilla

Goodbye, Hannah

John Melick - Service Excellence Nominee

Hannah Thorne - Service Excellence Nominee

HHD Transition Meeting #2 Part One

HHD Transition Meeting #2 Part Two

EHHD Financial Information Session

Must I write backward?

How does the ink stay up?

No, really. How does it stay up?

MSU 125th Logo

TechSmith Relay Test

Pearl Yellowman Playlist

EHHD Talks 2019 Playlist

Teach Montana Spring 2019

Ed Grad Party Spring 2019

Other Links

Not At ISTE 2019

Bobcat Football Live

Dracaena Deremensis Janet Craig

Cosmology on Philosophy Talk

Google Photos

Google Cardboard

Montana Exercises

MT Fraud, Waste, or Abuse Hotline

Personal Document Clutter Guide

Apple Commercials Music

CG Spectrum - online school 3D animation & VFX

Zoom Stolp



Montana Content Standards Revision

Faculty, please look at your entry in the Faculty/Staff directory. Are you there? Is your photo there? When you click on your name, are you satisfied with what you find on your page? Your photo and information are pulled from Activity Insight. Guidance on how to control the information in the directory is available at this link. If you need a professional photo, MSU will take one for you for free. Once you have an appointment, they are startlingly quick and do great work. Bill Freese will be happy to answer any question you may have.