IT Purchasing Support

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Please note: Custom configurations require extra lead time.

Please use the links below for all standard (non-custom) purchases.

Why use preconfigured systems?

  • Higher quality than retail grade
  • Optimized to use MSU network
  • Covered warranty repairs at no charge
  • Volume discount that includes setup 

State and University purchasing rules apply. Catalogs and state contracts may offer products that are not supported.

Need Help?

Please email the Service Desk.

Request Purchase Approval

IT Purchase
Approval Form

Please complete the IT Purchase Approval Form for any type of IT purchase you are planning to make that is not listed in the Products We Support section below or available for purchase in the Purchase Now section.

Products We Support: i for info icon

  • Apple iPads and Windows Surface tablets purchased from any source
  • Any Apple product purchased from the MSU Bookstore
  • Any MSU preconfigured Dell computer.
  • Any MSU approved hardware component or printer from the CDW-G catalog.