To purchase/install software:

Please email the IT Service Desk

Software available under campus license agreements

MSU employees may install the following software on MSU-owned computers (BZ campus only) at no charge.

Adobe Products:

Offices not covered by the campus agreement should contact Adobe directly to purchase Creative Cloud/Adobe products.

Microsoft Products:

  • Office 2013 Professional Plus Win
  • Office 2013 Standard Win
  • Office Standard 2011 Macintosh
  • Project Pro 2013
  • Visio Pro 2013 Win
  • Visual Studio Pro
  • Windows 8.1 OS Upgrade


IdentityFinder is software used at MSU to identify sensitive data stored on University computers.  The Information Technology Center is in the process of deploying IdentityFinder, which will ultimately be required on all MSU computers.

To install IdentityFinder please visit: If you don’t see your business unit listed, look for communications regarding a deployment for your area in the near future! 

Price List

Software pricing as of 8/26/2015. Pricing subject to change without notice. For software not on this list please email IT Services.

Name Price Platform Details
Adobe Captivate 8 $172.00 Mac or Windows
Adobe Contribute (6.5) $41.00 Mac or Windows
Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 $37.00 Mac or Windows
Adobe Premiere Elements 13 $37.00 Mac or Windows
AutoCad and other AutoDesk Products No Charge Mac or Windows Software provided without charge to Education Community members may be used only for purposes directly related to learning, training, research, or development and may not be used for commercial, professional, or any for-profit purposes. To download the software visit:
EndNote $0.00 Mac or Windows EndNote is now available campuswide, free for MSU students, faculty, & staff as of June 24, 2014 thanks to a library subscription. Login with your NetID to dowload the correct installer.
Ghost Solution Suite License $20.00 w/maint until 1/7/2016
Provided for all MSU owned computers.
$0.00 Windows [download here]
McAfee for Macintosh
Provided for all MSU-owned computers.
$0.00 Mac [download here]
Minitab $60.00 License expires 1/31/2016
Office 2013 Professional Plus   $59.00 Windows Office 2013 Pro Plus Winincludes:
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook,  Access, InfoPath,OneNote, Lync, and SharePoint Workspace
Office 2013 Standard $48.00 Windows Office 2013 Standard Winincludes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and OneNote
Office Standard 2011 for Macintosh $48.00 Mac
Project 2013 $72.00 WindowsBack to top
Project Pro 2013 $120.00 Windows
SAS (new license) $254.00 License expires 9/14/16  
SAS (renewal license) $220.00 License expires 9/14/16  
SPSS (new license) $500.00 License expires 9/15/16  
SPSS (renewal license) $299.00 License expires 9/15/16  
SQL CAL 2012 $45.00    
Visio Pro 2013 $62.00 WindowsBack to top
Visio Std 2013 $32.00 Windows  
Windows CAL $0.00   Provided for all MSU owned computers as of 7/1/05
Windows Server DataCenter 2012 R2 - Two Processor License $1,315.00    
Windows Server 2012 Standard R2 - Two Processor License $188.00
Windows 8.1 Professional Upgrade License $154.00 Back to top

For software not on this list please email the IT Service Desk.