An “affiliate” is someone who is actively engaged in engineering / computer science educational research. The
faculty below are willing to lend their expertise to proposals and projects. If you want to be an affiliate, email: and asked to be added to the list.

Ryan Anderson

Dr. Ryan Anderson

Assistant Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering

Technical Interests: Transport phenomena; clean energy; PEM fuel cells
Educational Interests: Integrated Curriculum; active learning.
Office: 328 Cobleigh Hall.  Phone: (406) 994-5701

Prof Becker

Dr. James P. Becker

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Technical Interests: Microwave and millimeter wave materials and electronics.
Educational Interests: Active learning; cyber-learning.
Office: 535 Cobleigh Hall.  Phone: (406) 994-5988

Brittany Fasy

Dr. Brittany Fasy

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Technical Interests: Computational topology; statistical approaches to topological data analysis; algorithms.
Educational Interests: Computational thinking in the common core; promoting K-12 awareness of computer science; supporting women in CS and mathematics.
Office: 363 Barnard Hall.  Phone: (406) 994-4804

Prof Gannon

Dr. Paul Gannon

Associate Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering

Technical Interests: High-Temperature (>500C) corrosion and material science.
Educational Interests: Integrating sustainability into engineering curriculums; K-12/multicultural education; faculty development.
Office: 306 Cobleigh Hall.  Phone: (406) 994-7380

Prof Hammack

Dr. Becky Hammack

Assistant Professor, Education

Technical Interests: STEM identity development; Teacher Efficacy.
Educational Interests: STEM teaching and learning at the K-8 level; STEM learning and mentoring experiences for girls and rural youth; engineering integration in the K-5 curriculum.
Office: 112 Reid Hall.  Phone: (406) 994-6424

Prof Hancock

Dr. Stacey Hancock

Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences

Technical Interests: Statistics.
Educational Interests: Statistics education; students use of metaphors and metonymies when learning statistical concepts related to sampling distributions and informal statistical inference; time series analysis / change-point detection.
Office: Wilson Hall 2-195.  Phone: 406-994-5350

Prof Heys

Dr. Jeff Heys

Associate Professor & Department Head, Chemical & Biological Engineering

Technical Interests: Computational fluid dynamics and transport modeling in biological systems.
Educational Interests: Student persistence and retention; computational modeling in the engineering curriculum.
Office: 310 Cobleigh Hall.  Phone: (406) 994-7902  

Andrew Hill

Dr. Andrew Hill

Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics & Economics

Technical Interests: Labor economics; economics of education; applied econometrics.
Educational Interests: Peer effects; race and gender gaps.
Office: 307C Linfield Hall.  Phone: (406) 994-3036

Prof Hughes

Dr. Bryce Hughes

Assistant Teaching Professor,  Education

Technical Interests: Organizational change and student outcomes research in higher education.
Educational Interests: Inclusive pedagogy; active learning; development of affective and attitudinal (non-cognitive) outcomes; inter-group dialogue to promote learning across difference.
Office: 135 Reid Hall.  Phone: (406) 994-6419


Dr. Todd Kaiser

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Technical Interests: Microfabrication technologies; micro-sensors and Micro-actuators; inertial sensors; photovoltaics and battery electric vehicles.
Educational Interests: Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL); Research Experience for Teachers (RET); engineering education for K-12 teachers.
Office: 531 Cobleigh Hall.  Phone: (406) 994-7276

Prof LaMeres

Dr. Brock LaMeres

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Technical Interests: Embedded systems; computer engineering; aerospace avionics.
Educational Interests: Broadening participation of women in engineering; increasing student engagement; personalized e-learning systems; infusing global-context and ethical thinking into engineering curriculums.
Office: 533 Cobleigh Hall.  Phone: (406) 994-5987

Prof Lux

Dr. Nicholas Lux

Associate Professor, Education

Technical Interests: Educational technology theory and practice.
Educational Interests: STEM teaching and learning in K-12 contexts; technology integration in teacher preparation; educational gaming design and integration; new technologies for teaching and learning. 
Office: 209 Reid Hall.  Phone: (406) 994-6581

Prof Menicucci

Joseph Menicucci

Assistant Teaching Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering

Technical Interests: Biological energy conversion; thermodynamics; engineering design.
Educational Interests: Engineering pedagogy; laboratory development; first-year instruction.
Office: 434 Cobleigh Hall.  Phone: (406) 994-2289

Michelle Miley

Dr. Michelle Miley

Assistant Professor, English

Technical Interests: Writing center; writing across the curriculum; writing in the disciplines; peer-to-peer learning environments; writing studio models.
Educational Interests: Increasing student critical thinking and communication skills through writing; developing writing support models for faculty and students; developing cultural awareness and empathy through peer-to-peer interaction
Office: Wilson 1-114.  Phone: (406) 994-6770

Prof Plumb

Dr. Carolyn Plumb

Director of Educational Innovation and Strategic Projects, College of Engineering

Technical Interests: Engineering communications: curriculum development and assessment.
Educational Interests: Instructional development for faculty and graduate students; assessment of student learning; program evaluation.
Office:  223 Cobleigh Hall.  Phone: 406 994-6115

Prof Plymesser

Dr. Katey Plymesser

Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering

Technical Interests: Eco-hydraulics and fish passage engineering; hydraulic modeling.
Educational interests: Increased diversity in STEM fields; engineering mechanics education; active and inquiry based learning.
Office:  223 Cobleigh Hall.  Phone: 406 994-6115

Prof Schell

Dr. William J. Schell

Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Technical Interests: Organizational development, specifically models of leadership development and the role of leadership and culture in change management processes; applied statistics.
Education Interests: Methods to improve the professional skills of engineers and increase of inclusion of underrepresented groups; improving student's ethical reasoning, ability to work through ill-structured information, and leadership skills.
Office: 403 Roberts Hall.  Phone: (406) 994-5938

Prof Smith

Dr. Jessi L. Smith

Professor, Psychology

Technical Interests: Experimental social psychology.
Educational Interests: How societal norms and stereotypes impact motivation; how social psychological aspects of gender and culture advance success of people at risk in education, business, and health.
Office: 428D Traphagen Hall.  Phone: (406) 994-5228


Dr. Stephanie Wettstien

Assistant Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering

Technical Interests: Separations and catalysis for sustainable chemicals.
Educational Interests: Active learning for large classrooms; increasing women in STEM fields; using technology to promote active learning 
Office: 306 Cobleigh Hall.  Phone: (406) 994-5928
Email: stephanie.wettstein(at)

Prof Welloughby

Dr. Shannon Willoughby

Assistant Professor, Physics

Technical Interests: CoPy alloys and superlattices.
Educational Interests: Increasing the spatial reasoning skills of middle school students; developing heliophysics related curricular material for NASA; increasing the oral communication skills of STEM graduate students; student beliefs regarding the learning of science; calculus-based physics lab development.
Office: 224 Barnard Hall.  Phone: (406) 994-1673

Sweeney Windchief

Dr. Sweeney Windcheif

Assistant Professor, Adult & Higher Education

Technical Interests: Indigenous knowledge systems; tribal colleges and universities (TCUs); critical race theory.
Educational Interests: Strategies for mentoring graduate students from historically underrepresented communities; indigenous methodologies in research; law and policy in higher education.
Office: 139 Reid Hall.  Phone: (406) 994-3339