MRO's (Master Resource Outlines)

Undergraduate Courses

>NRSG 115: Nursing as a Profession
>NRSG 220: Foundations of Ethical Nursing
>NRSG 225: Foundations for Planning and Providing Clinical Nursing Care
>NRSG 238: Health Assessment Across the Lifespan
> NRSG 242: Complementary and Alternative Healing and the Art of Nursing
>NRSG 258: Principles of Pathophysiology
>NRSG 336: Nursing Pharmacotherapeutics
>NRSG 341: Psychosocial Nursing Concepts
>NRSG 346: Nursing Care of Childbearing Family
>NRSG 348: Nursing Care of Children and Families
>NRSG 352: Acute and Chronic Illness
>NRSG 377: Introduction to Community Based Nursing
>NRSG 387R: Research in Health Care
>NRSG 418: Issues in Health Policy & Health Care Economics
>NRSG 435: Spirituality in Health Care
>NRSG 437: Psychiatric Nursing
>NRSG 444: Care Management
>NRSG 454: Urgent and Palliative Care
>NRSG 469: Cultural Applications in Nursing: The [specific culture] Experience
>NRSG 477: Population Based Nursing Care in the Community 
>NRSG 487: Nursing Leadership and Management Development
>NRSG 491: Critical Care and Emergency Nursing
>NRSG 498: Internship
>NRSG 479 - ADRN to MN Transition Course
> NRSG 489 - ADRN to MN Transition Course

Masters of Nursing Degree

N501 Teaching Concepts for Nursing Educators
N502 Effective Clinical Teaching
N503 Curriculum Development
N504 Assessment and Evaluation of Education
N505 Evidence Based Practice
N506 Design of Healthcare Delivery Systems
N507 Management of Clinical Outcomes
NRSG 508 Clinical Leadership Practicum
NRSG 509 Clinical Nurse Leader Laboratory I
NRSG 511 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for the Clinical Nurse Leader
N517 Foundations of Pharmacotherapeutics
N518 Pharmacotherapeutics for Infants, Children and Adults of Childbearing Age
N519 Pharmacotherapeutics for Middle Aged Adults
N520 Pharmacotherapeutics for Older Adults
N521 Theory and Research in Nursing
N522 Advanced Practice Nursing: Roles and Issues
N525 Family Mental Health Nursing I
N526 Family Mental Health Nursing II
N527 Family Mental Health Nursing III
N528 Family Mental Health Nursing IV
N529 Psychopharmacotherapeutics Across the Lifespan
N531 Rural Health Nursing
N550 Advanced Health Assessment
N552 Administration and Organization of Health Care Systems
N553 Financial and Budgeting of Health Care Systems
N555 Concepts of Family Care
N560 Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology
N561 Primary Care I for Childbearing and Childrearing Families
N562 Primary Care II for Midlife Families
N563 Primary Care III for Aging Families
N565 Principles of Population-based Health
N571 Primary Care IV: Clinical Preceptorship
N574 Teaching Practicum
NRSG 575 Professional Paper/Project
NRSG 580 Recognizing, Building, and Strengthening Individual and Organizational Resilience (Elective)

Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree

NRSG 601 Advanced Health Assessment
NRSG 602 Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology
NRSG 603 Advanced Pharmacology I
NRSG 604 Evidence Based Practice I
NRSG 605 Evidence Based Practice II
NRSG 606 Statistical Applications for Graduate Nursing
NRSG 607 Diagnostic Reasoning
NRSG 608 Design of Healthcare Delivery System
NRSG 609 Advanced Practice Nursing Leadership
NRSG 610 Health Care Informatics
NRSG 611 Program Planning and Evaluation, Outcomes, & Quality Improvement
NRSG 612 Ethics, Law, and Policy for Advocacy in Healthcare
NRSG 613 Financing and Budgeting of Healthcare Systems
NRSG 614 Vulnerability and Health Care in Diverse Communities
NRSG 615 Translational Research for Advanced Practice
NRSG 620 Advanced Pharmacology II (NP, Family/Individual)
NRSG 621 Advanced Clinical I (NP, Family/Individual)
NRSG 622 Advanced Clinical II (NP, Family/Individual)
NRSG 623 Advanced Clinical III (NP, Family/Individual)
NRSG 624 Advanced Clinical IV (NP, Family/Individual)
NRSG 630 Advanced Psychopharmacology II (NP, Psych/Mental Health)
NRSG 631 Advanced Clinical I (NP, Psych/Mental Health)
NRSG 632 Advanced Clinical II (NP, Psych/Mental Health)
NRSG 633 Advanced Clinical III (NP, Psych/Mental Health)
NRSG 634 Advanced Clinical IV (NP, Psych/Mental Health)
NRSG 674 DNP Scholarly Project Seminar
NRSG 675 Scholarly Project