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L = Length x D = Depth x H = Height


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Item ID Description Qty. Dimensions/Details Picture
CH1 Chair 1 Tall patterned fabric chair Tall chair with multicolored patterned fabric
CH3 Chair 1 Purple Rolling Chair PurpleChair123
CH5 Rolling Chair 1 Grey fabric rolling chair small grey chair
CH7 Stacking chairs 2 Black stacking chairs black vinyl stacking chairs
CH15 Rolling chair 1 Cream colored vinyl chair cream vinyl office chair
CH16 Chair 1 Beige colored chair  BeigeChair
CH17 Chair 1 Black chair BlackChair
CH18 Chair 1 Blue Desk Chair BlueChair
CH19 Chair 1 Dark Blue Woden Chair DarkBlueWoodenChair
CH20 Chair 1 Green Wooden Chair GreenChairWoodenArms