storage siteDimensions (All dimensions are in inches unless otherwise stated):

L = Length x D = Depth x H = Height


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Description Qty. Dimensions/Details Picture
office chair 2 office chair cush office chair
 Short back office chair  short back office chair office cahir
Arm Chair 1 Wood Office Chair red wood chair
Waiting room chair 1 Tan waiting room chair tan chair
Office chair 4 Brown faux leather rolling chair brown office chair
office chair 1 Gray office chair Grey office chair
Arm Chair 1 Blue Wood Chair  blue wood chair
Couch 2 Floral couch large floral couch
Couch 1 Floral loveseat floral loveseat
Couch 3 Large overstuffed couch couch
Arm  Chair 2 cream and red wood office chair light chair
Reception room chairs 2 multicolored reception chairs multicolored chair
Arm Chair 3 Wood chair w cushions, various colors


maroon chair