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Description Qty. Dimensions/Details Picture
Amplified laser system 1 Clark MXR, Inc. ORC-1000 laser plus its power supply. This is an arc lamp pumped, Q-switched YAG laser. The output pulses are 532 nm center wavelength, ~8 mJ pulse energy, ns pulse duration, w/ kHz - multi kHz rep rate. 

Laser system

Laser system

Laser system 

Biosafety Hood 1 Nuaire biosafety cabinet Biosafety hood
Micromalter 1

Phoenix Malt System Micro 
Model #9112.0 

Needs repairs

 micro malt system
Biosafety Hood 1 Labconco Class II Biosafety hood, 6' - works well   
Biosafety hood 1 Baker-Sterigard Biosafety hood. Works but older (not marked with class rating)  Baker hood
Biosafety hood 2 Nuaire Class II biosafety hood, Class A. Newly certified, excellent condition  
Biosafety Hood 1 NuAire Class II biosafety hood. Works, but older.  Nuaire hood
Freezer 1 Revco -80 freezer. Model ULT1786-5-A12. Holds temperature well with little frost  
Incubator 1 Forma-Scientific water-jacketed CO2 incubator (double stacked)   stacked incubator
Incubator 1 Nuaire US Autoflow CO2 Water jacketed incubator Nuaire incubator
Pure water systems 3 3 Barnstead systems


pure water system


Centrifuge 1 Sorvall RC-3B refrigerated centrifuge Refrigerated centrifuge