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Microscope 1

Wesco  CXR11 Microscope - 2004

Located in Billings

Wesco microscope
Nursing sim models 4

2011 Keri complete care mannikin
1993 Doll complete care hospital skin tone white
1993 Doll hospital GDW-2500
1993 Doll Doll complete care hospital skin tone black, 

spectrofluoromenter 1 PTI SPECTROFLUOROMETER 
Photon Technology International (PTI) instrument with Xenon arc light source (see photo) 
Felix software runs on an old, dedicated computer 
Excites sample in cuvette with any wavelength from 240 nm on up, and measures any emission in the same range 
Motorized monochromators allow plotting of excitation scans and emission scans
Amersham Pharmacia Biotech IPGphor 
Electronically cooled 
Includes ceramic troughs for use of Amersham Immobiline DryStrips with immobilized pH gradients 
Combines with SDS-PAGE for 2D gel electrophoresis