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L = Length x D = Depth x H = Height


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Description Qty. Dimensions/Details Picture
Toolbox 1 Red metal rolling tool box Red metal rolling toolbox
Cases 2 Two hard shell cases, one blue, one white Two hard shell cases, larger white and smaller blue
Misc decorative items  

Various decor items:
--Used, like new condition
1. Aqua vases, varying sizes
2. Red metal baskets, (2 large, 1 medium)
3. Bin of metal floral vases
4.Decor lanterns (1 large, 1 small)
5. Misc bin of ribbon (multicolored)
6. Misc bin of gold ribbon
7. BIn of small plastic floral pots and mics floral supplies
8. Set of 8, camping dishes
9. Bin of glass rectangular floral centerpieces vases, 12 count
10. Pin of square floral centerpieces glass vase, blue and gold (12 count, various sizes)
11. Green mason jars, matching 15-18 pieces
12. Square glass vase, deep blue 12 count
13. Set of Bud vases, clear glass (12 count)
13. Clear glass centerpieces vases, globe shape with swirl pattern (12 count)


Representative pictures posted, more pictures available

Three blue glass decorative bottle vases

Tub filled with blue metal camp dishes and mugs

Bin of green glass decorative pint jars

Red metal decorative baskets

two decorative metal house shaped lantern centerpieces

Feed Mill equipment   Denver Roll Corrugating Roller; Model 9 x 18;  fair/working condition
Roskamp's Magnetic Scalper; fair/working condition
Jacobson Machine Works Pulverator Hammermill Model P-195-D with 30 HP, 3-phase motor; fair/working condition
Jacobson Horizontal Ribbon Type Feed Mixer, 100 cu/ft capacity, 15 HP motor; good/working condition
Blount/York Material Handling System (large green auger system); condition unknown
1,950 cu/ft per hour Capacity Paddle Type Screw Conveyor-Super Flow Trough Conveyor
3,090 cu/ft per hour capacity Paddle Type Screw Conveyor-Super Flow Trough Conveyor 
Standard Screw Conveyor
Fischbein Bag Sewer; unknown condition
Howe Richardson Gross Bagger; unknown condition  
Henke Square Bulk Bins; good condition (need to be dismantled)
Fairbanks Portable Platform Scale; good condition
Hunter discharge height, 1,500 bu/hour belt and bucket elevator; fair/working condition
Hunter  discharge height, 3,000 bu/hour belt and bucket elevator; fair/working condition
460 volt, 3-phase Furnas Electrical Control System; fair condition
13 Butler grain silos
Box fan 1 White box fan White standard box fan
Elevator wall lining 1 Blue cargo elevator padded lining Blue padded cargo elevator lining