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L = Length x D = Depth x H = Height


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Item ID Description Qty. Dimensions/Details Picture
D1 Desk 2

Large conference tables

4' x 12' x 30.5"

D2 L Desk 1

Brown wood desk with L return

Dark brown wood desk with return for L desk
D3 Desk 1

Single desk with glass insert and tower computer rack

dark brown desk with glass insert on top
D4 Desk 2

Wooden conference style tables

6' x 4' x 30.5"

D6 Computer desk 1

Small wood computer desk

small wood computer desk
D8 Corner Desk 1

Corner desk with metal legs.

Wood corner desk with metal legs
D11 Tan desk 1

Tan desk with keyboard drop and metal legs


tan desk
D12 Table 1

Table with single middle drawer and metal legs

Table with single drawer and metal legs
D15 Table 1

Table with attached lock

rectangular table with attached laptop lock
D16 Small desk 1 Small rolling glass desk small black glass desk with wheels
D17 Coffee table 1

Small mid century style coffee table


Small brown mid century style coffee table
D19 Desk 1

Single oak desk with one drawer


Oak desk with one drawer
D21 Table 2 Small trapezoid tables with metal legs Brown trapezoid table with metal legs
D22 Table 2

Square Table

D37 Desk 1

Small Wooden Stand

D38 Desk 1

Tall Round Table

D39 Desk 1

Corner Desk

D40 Lab Tables 3

Lab Tables