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Cisco AnyConnect VPN

ATTENTION: MSU's legacy VPN will be shut down at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, December 19, 2017.  Please use MSU's new Cisco AnyConnect VPN.

Fall 2017: MSU is implementing a new VPN called Cisco AnyConnect. The AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client is platform and device friendly, enabling employees and students to securely connect to MSU resources anytime and from any device and location.

  • Cisco AnyConnect VPN rollout is taking place throughout the Fall 2017 semester. 
  • Faculty, staff and students can begin using the AnyConnect VPN now but will need to download the new AnyConnect client.
  • First-time VPN users must contact the UIT Service Desk to request access prior to using AnyConnect VPN.
  • Old (legacy) VPN will remain available for use until the end of the Fall semester and be retired on Dec 18, 2017.

ATTENTION First-time VPN users:

If you've never ever connected to MSU's VPN, you must contact the UIT Service Desk to request access before using.  Previous users of MSU's VPN have already been given access to the new AnyConnect VPN and only to need to download the new client. 

For more information, visit AnyConnect VPN FAQ.

AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client: Download Instructions 

The new VPN requires the AnyConnect client to connect.  After installing it, you will always use the AnyConnect app to connect to the VPN.  You will not need to go to network settings or use the network connection previously created for the old VPN.   Simply open the app and click connect.

Follow the instructions below to download the client and connect to the new VPN.  


Mobile Devices


If you don't see the version of your operating system listed above then it is not supported.  Please contact the UIT Service Desk with questions.


Legacy VPN Instructions