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Membership Application

The 2013 Division B and C Manuals will arrive from Nationals around August 25th.


Click and Print Application:

Membership forms are Due by Friday, October 18, 2013

Student Registration will now only be through the Avogadros Scoring System. Please refer to the Avogadros instructions. Email us with your username as soon as possible so we can assign you to your team and you can then enter your students names and what they are competing in. Feel free to contact our office with any Avogadros questions. The links below will direct you to the Avogadors scoring for the respected Division.

School and Team Data must be entered into the Avogadros system by Thursday, October 31, 2013

* Schools bringing a JV team must create two usernames for the Avogadros system.

*Coaches bringing a Division B and Division C team can use the same username in Div. B as in Div. C