Montana State University

Policies & Procedures Manual

The documents which comprise the College of Nursing Policy & Procedure Manual are available in Microsoft Word to download for editing and below in *PDF format for viewing and printing.


Policy Index

> The Policy Index, available in PDF, contains "last updated" information on the policies, as well as conversion information from the old organization system.


Section A Executive Council (EC)
> A-1 Policy on Policies
> A-2 Policy on Procedures
> A-3

Vision, Mission, Goals, and Philosophy

> A-4 College of Nursing Organization
> A-6 Ad Hoc Committee Charges
> A-7 Resource Calendars
> A-8 College of Nursing Scholastic Committee
> A-9 Master Evaluation Plan
> A-10 Guidelines for Faculty, Administration and Staff with Family Members who are MSU College of Nursing Students
> A-11 Faculty/Student Reporting of Unusual Incidents
> A-12 Upper Division Placement Policy
> A-13 Drop Policy for Eight Week Upper Division Clinical Nursing Courses
> A-14 Production and Distribution of Course Materials
> A-15 Campus File for Undergraduate Course Materials
> A-16 Evaluation of the Dean
> A-17 Evaluation of the Campus Director
> A-18 College of Nursing Scholarship Committee
> A-19

Abilities Required for Success in the BSN Degree Program

> A-20 Faculty Communicable Disease Prevention
> A-21 Faculty Files Policy
> A-24 Voting Via Teleconference (General Faculty Meetings)
> A-25 Faculty Short And Long Form Curriculum Vitae
> A-27 Committee Minutes Policy
> A-28 General Faculty Meetings of the College of Nursing
> A-29 Strike Notice Arbitration Policy
> A-30 Central Student Files
> A-31 Student General Health Policy
> A-32 Student Communicable Disease Prevention Policies
> A-33 Student Exposure to, or Diagnosis of, Communicable Disease
> A-34 Mandatory Student Programs on Standard Precautions
> A-35 Employer Recruitment of New Graduates
> A-36 Student Background Checks
> A-37 Children Attending College of Nursing (CON) Classes
> A-39 Student Travel
> A-40 Student Travel with Faculty to Clinical Sites
> A-43 Expenditures for Student Education
> A-44 College of Nursing Dean's Cabinet
> A-46 Professional Appearance Policy
Section B UAAC & GAAC (both)
> B-5 Correlation of Classroom and Clinical Experiences
Section C Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee (UAAC)
> C-1 Acceptable Performance in Nursing Courses
> C-2 Use of Simulation to Enhance Learning
> C-3 Orientation To Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee (UAAC)
> C-4 Master Resource Outlines (MROs) For Undergraduate Courses
> C-5 Individual Faculty Syllabi (IFSs) for Undergraduate Courses
> C-6 Removal of Undergraduate Students from Clinical Settings (Denial of Access to Patients)
> C-7 Student Attendance at Clinical Course Orientation
> C-8 NRSG 498 Summer Internship
> C-9 Preceptorship for Undergraduate Nursing Courses
> C-10 Undergraduate Student Skills Checklist
> C-11 Advanced Placement of Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) into BSN Program
> C-12 Student Refusal of a Clinical Assignment
> C-13 Conceptual Framework for Professional Nursing, Curricular Threads, Foundational Objectives, and Terminal Objectives
> C-15 Developing New or Elective Undergraduate Nursing Courses
Section D Graduate Academic Affairs Committee (GAAC)
> D-1 Graduate Program
> D-2 Masters And Doctoral Degree Policies
> D-3 Graduate Program Admissions
> D-4 Professional Project And Committee
> D-5 Oral Comprehensive Examination For Masters Of Nursing (MN) Degree
> D-6 Clinical Site Visits And Performance In Required Graduate Clinical Nursing Courses
> D-7 Central Files For Graduate Courses And Clinical Materials
> D-8 Denial of Graduate Student Access to Clinical Experiences
> D-9 Elective Graduate Nursing Courses
Section E Nursing Formal Review Committee (NFRC)
> E-1 Evaluation of Faculty for Annual and Formal Reviews (AY 08-09)
Previously Affirmed Standards and Criteria by Year:
  E-1 Evaluation of Faculty for Annual and Formal Reviews (AY 07-08)
  E-1 Evaluation of Faculty for Annual and Formal Reviews (AY 06-07)
  E-1 Evaluation of Faculty for Annual and Formal Reviews (AY 05-06)
  E-1 Evaluation of Faculty for Annual and Formal Reviews (AY 04-05)
  E-1 Evaluation of Faculty for Annual and Formal Reviews (AY 01-02)
  C-1 Evaluation of Faculty for Annual and Formal Reviews (AY 00-01)
  Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC)
> E-3 Orientation of New Faculty
> E-6 Evaluation of Faculty by Students
  Faculty Development Committee (FDC)
> E-2 Funding for Faculty Development Activities
> E-4 Faculty Development Policy
> E-7 Recognition of Retirement
> E-10 Criteria and Selection of Recognition Ceremony Guest Speaker
Section F ByLaws Committee
> F-1 Faculty Organization of the College of Nursing ByLaws
Section G Student Forum Liaison
> G-1 College of Nursing Recognition Ceremony
> G-3 Student Speaker for College of Nursing Recognition Ceremony



> Campus Director Discretionary Funds
> Dean's Cabinet
> Faculty Development Funding | Fac Dev Funding Application Form (in Word)
> Gift Fund
> Policies

> Position Descriptions

#1: Dean
#2: Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education
#3: Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
#4: Director of Administration and Finance
#5: Campus Director
#5a: Kalispell Site Coordinator
#6: Clinical Resource Registered Nurse (CRRN)
#7: Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA)
#8: Course Coordinator
#9: Faculty Member
#10: FNP Coordinator
#11: CNS Coordinator
#12: Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator

> Tenure Track Faculty Search Procedure