Welcome current Addiction Counseling Graduate Certificate students. Below you will find information about frequently asked program type questions. This list contains the most common questions our student have and therefore, you may not find your answer here. Janet Gamble, program coordinator, is available via e-mail or phone (406) 994-3238 to answer any questions related to the program or course registration.

For questions about Financial aid, please contact the MSU Office of Financial Aid directly at [email protected] or phone (406) 994-2845.

Frequently Asked Questions:

All courses are conducted through the online learning management website Brightspace (D2L). Student can log-in from the MSU student page.

Students can find information about required course books on the specific curriculum page for each course on the Addiction Counseling website OR on the Addiction Counseling Advising site in D2L.

Current students first need to have an advising appointment, before registering, with Dr. Katey Franklin to receive their enrollment pin number.  Students will use their MyInfo  account to enroll in courses.

For answers about account holds please contact Janet Gamble or the specific office to ask about holds.

Students can view their final grades through their MyInfo  account.

Students can order a transcript online through their MyInfo account.

A program of study sheet is a contract between the student, MSU graduate school, department and program. This form lists all the courses the student needs to complete with a passing grade to complete the certificate and be eligible for graduation from the program. All certificate students must complete a program of study sheet by the end of their first semester. However, if at any time a program of study needs to be modified, a student need only submit a change of study form to the graduate school. For more information, please see the graduate school website on forms.

If you need to drop down to zero credits for a semester, please contact Donna Negaard with the graduate school.